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Boondocks Fantasy From Vampires In The Appalachians And Leprechauns In The Smokies To Mermaids In The Mississippi And Bloodthirsty Trolls In An Alabama Trailer Park The South Makes A Unique Setting For The 20 Stories In This Anthology Of Redneck Vampires, Werewolves, Wizards, Elves, And Other Creatures Featuring Original Stories By Gene Wolfe, Timothy Zahn, Chris Pierson, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Steven Savile, Elizabeth A Vaughan, Jay Lake, Anton Strout, And Many.Introduction, Copyright 2011 By Jean Rabe The Giant, Copyright 2011 By Gene Wolfe Protection, Copyright 2011 By Timothy Zahn Lake People, Copyright 2011 By Chris Pierson Cat People, Copyright 2011 By Mickey Zucker Reichert The Horned Man, Copyright 2011 By Steven Savile The Feud, Copyright 2011 By Patrick McGilligan The Devil Is A Gentleman, Copyright 2011 By Raymond Benson Eternal Vigilance, Copyright 2011 By Dylan Birtolo The Taste Of Strawberry Jam, Copyright 2011 By Elizabeth A Vaughan The Storyteller, Copyright 2011 By D.L Stever Being Neighborly, Copyright 2011 By Jeanne Cook Marfa, Copyright 2011 By Anton Strout Aware, Copyright 2011 By C.J Henderson Sully S Solution, Copyright 2011 By Kelly Swails Trophy Wife, Copyright 2011 By Vicki Johnson Steger Fairies Weep Not, Copyright 2011 By Linda P Baker Siren Tears, Copyright 2011 By John Lambshead Jefferson S West, Copyright 2011 By Joseph E Lake, Jr Black Rider, Copyright 2011 By Brian A Hopkins Rural Route, Copyright 2011 By Donald J Bingle

When I am not writing, I toss tennis balls to my cadre of dogs My house is filled with books and dogs, you can smell both when you walk in the front door It s a good smell.I have 36 published novels and am currently writing in the mystery genre My latest mystery, The Dead of Winter, was a finalist for the Clay Award and is the first in the Piper Blackwell series.I live in a tiny town in the

!!> Download ➽ Boondocks Fantasy  ➸ Author Jean Rabe – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Boondocks Fantasy
  • Jean Rabe
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780756406530

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    I picked this book up for the cover and title I made a deal with myself that I would go to the library and shelf surf for one book a month that was just too much uniqueness for me to pass up I have been looking at this one for months it was calling to me daring me I had to take it home.I read it, and I liked all the stories except maybe three They where just not my style of read at all Many of these authors are not even seasoned writers, they are gaming programers, grandmothers, bird wranglers a ...

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    Boondocks Fantasy sells itself, at least as per the introduction by Jean Rabe, as a change from urban fantasy in that the stories here have urban fantasy tropes but are set in a rustic setting This has me thinking of Buffy in farmer overalls stabbing vampires with a hay fork, but it turns out that the anthology is a mixed bag of fantasy stories that feel like well, fantasy stories that have been around for at least several decades now.Gene Wolfe starts out with The Giant Our protagonist is the partner of a woman, who told him disquieting stories of the woo woo kind in her rustic neighborhood He drops by one fine day, and decides to scout the neighborhood to see for himself how weird things can be Any fan of those fantasy horror anthology TV shows in the 1980s, like The Twilight Zone of which some of those episodes, interestingly enough, were based on sci fi and fantasy short stories , can tell what will happen next This one starts out like a whimsical tale, only to abruptly turn into a very dark tale towards its end The length of this story means that the mood shift is too abrupt for my liking Perhaps a few dozen pages would have allowed the tale to feel developed and whole.Timothy Zahn s Protection is like what the anthology promised a shapeshifter and a mermaid work to take down a bunch of gangsters that choose the wrong bucolic neighborhood dump to flex their muscles This one is a pleasant read, although it s not exactly memorable.Chris ...

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    Boondocks FantasyThis is obviously a take on the urban fantasy trend in the market right now, taking us back to the sticks instead of into the city streets I enjoyed most of the stories in this anthology and it was good overall One story stood out above the others Brian A Hopkins Black Rider but there were plenty of good stories in here A good range of lighthearted all the way up to rather dark My favorite light story was Raymond Benson s The Devil is a Gentleman Here are my thoughts on each individual story The Giant by Gene Wolfe The opening story takes us on a walk into the woods with a man trying to understand what changed his wife so drastically when she journeyed into the woods alone as a child He s warned away from the right hand path, but of course he takes it I thought the idea behind this story was cool, but felt it needed a little bit work on the ending Protection by Timothy Zahn This story takes a shepherd who s a werewolf and mixes in the mob, who find they re WAY out of their depth when they hit the sticks This was a great story, well rounded and satisfying Lake People by Chris Pierson Here we have an eccentric elderly woman living on a lake who surrounds herself with handmade elves, dragons, and other creatures in an attempt to protect herself from the Lake People Of course, no one believes t...

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    Not at all what I expected or hoped for Debated between rating this one or two stars gave two because a few stories were somewhat likeable Definitely not an urban fantasy, as all stories take place in rural settings, but each has a paranormal or fantastical element A few are somewhat lighthearted,...

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    This was a great collection of short stories There wasn t a single one I did not like, and some of them were amazing I usually donate my books after I read them, but I m keeping this one I can see myself wanting to read it again.

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    Short story collections are like sample platters Great way to try several authors without commiting to a full length book After an amazingly epic read, it can be hard to get into a novel that is good but not great Or conversely after a really fluffy book, I m not always ready to jump into a potential classic Short stories are great transitional reading or for situations where one s attention span is short, like waiting in a doctor s office The writer has to create a setting, characters and narrative in only a few pages, and as such a well crafted short story can be a thing of beauty Most anthologies are hit or miss, with some gems and some lumps of rock We tend to think of fantasy set in the real world as urban fantasy, but as a small town gi...

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    Once again, I got this for the short story by Anton Strout In this collection of short stories, the authors were asked to take mythical creatures and place them in rural settings, showing how they blend in with the normal people or hide themselves completely While not as good as Pandora s Closet, there were still some interesting reads The first story about a giant almost made me put the book down It was very abstract and that just didn t work for me It got better in the next tale with a mermaid and werewolf working to...

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    Being a lifelong resident of southeastern Ohio western West Virginia, I have a little familiarity with the boondocks and the title sold me on giving this book a read Truth in advertising, Boondocks Fantasy is a collection of short stories with a common element something fantastical happens in the sticks One or two of the stories I would categorize as science fiction rather than fantasy, but that s nitpicking and the stories were almost universally enjoyable.There are tales for all types within th...

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    Choose this summer collection of short fantasy stories when you want a taste from one of your favorite authors For me, it s Raymond Benson His short, The Devil is a Gentleman, will have to do while we wait for the Fall publication of his next novel, The Black Stiletto Boondocks Fantasy attempts to infuse down home Americana with stories of trolls, elves, devils and magical creatures of all sorts Each a quick read, the shorts vary widely from...

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    This is obviously a take on the urban fantasy trend in the market right now, taking us back to the sticks instead of into the city streets I enjoyed most of the stories in this anthology and it was good overall One story stood out above the others Brian A Hopkins Black Rider but there were plenty of good stories in here A go...

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