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AmbientHe Aqu Una Par Bola Cruel Sobre Una Norteam Rica Que Se Ha Vuelto Loca, Vista A Trav S De Los Ojos De La Violenta Y Decadente Nueva York Del Siglo XXI, Donde El Mundo De La Riqueza Y Los Altos Negocios Gravita Sobre Las Bullentes Y Despiadadas Multitudes Que Atestan Sin Ley Ni Concierto Las Calles, Mientras Acechando En La Sombras, Se Hallan Los Ambientes, Una Nueva Raza Surgida De Un Terrible Accidente Y A La Que Se Han Unido Muchos Automutilados Y Que Detenta Una Subcultura Propia, Con Sus Costumbres, Su Religi N Y Su Territorio.Sobre Este Fondo Apocal Ptico Se Desarrolla La Historia De O Malley, El Guardaespaldas Avalon, La Prostituta Exclava Dryden, El Gran Magnate Que Odia A Su Padre Una Historia Contada Al Ritmo De Un Lenguaje Futurista Y Particular Una Mezcla De Ingl S Victoriano, Spanglish Y Rasta Jamaicano Para Los Ambientes Una Jerga Orwelliana, El , Sincopada Y Retorcida, Para Los Ejecutivos El Lenguaje Militar Llevado Has Sus Ltimos Extremos Para El Ej Rcitto

Womack s fiction may be determinedly non cyber, but, with its commitment to using SF as a vehicle for social critique, it definitely has a punky edge William Gibson once said that he thought he was interested in basic economics and politics than the average blue sky SF writer That counts double for Womack, whose fiction is packed with grimly amusing social satire and powerful little allego

EPUB ✼ Ambient Author Jack Womack – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • Ambient
  • Jack Womack
  • Spanish
  • 05 January 2019
  • 9788473866095

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    Entretenido mosaico de estereotipos G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta En el Manhattan del siglo XXI Seamus O Malley es el guardaespaldas del se or Dryden, el hombre al frente de la multinacional Dryco Pero en realidad la corporaci n pertenece a su padre y Dryden planea un movimiento hostil para asegurar que se quedar con la sociedad, para lo que cuenta con la colaboraci n de su guardaespaldas y de su lala proxy, Avalon, de...

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    Ambient is a ragged love story set in a corporate dystopia of the future It s a cross between Escape from New York and The Space Merchants The language used, especially with the revolutionary subculture, is vivid, expressive, and entirely original Additi...

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    This book is a mixed bag It s the first book of six, so far set in Womack s acclaimed Ambient New York setting It s also Womack s first novel Published in 1987, it appeared at the tail end of the Cyberpunk movement, and it shares a lot with that subgenre Not so much of the cyber , but quite a bit of the punk overpopulated, dystopian, corporation dominated society, etc The setting is very intriguing Womack s over the top run down New York is a character unto itself The actual characters not nearly as interesting, although they aren t horribly done The plot of the book, sadly, isn t all that compelling this is by far the books biggest weakness On the other hand, the biggest strength of the book is its prose particularly the dialog Womack s character s speak in a dialect that is a joy to read two dialects, actually One for the general...

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    Estupenda novela catastr fica, le he vuelto a leer y me hizo recordar c mo fue aquella moda del punk y el ciberpunk destroyer total Muy bien ambientada en una ciudad de Nueva York acosada por la subida de las ...

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    Definitely had it s own vernacular, sort of in the vein of Trainspotting, it took a bit of time to get the gist of the language Outlandish and crazy concepts mixed into a dystopian society set in the future How m...

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    This thirty year old debut novel has been sitting on my shelf unread for probably about twenty years I think I picked it up right after enjoying Womack s post Soviet book Let s Put the Future Behind Us At the time, I hadn t noticed the tagline across the bottom that proclaims this An American Clockwork Orange which is a pretty hefty expectation to set I suppose it or meets the superficial criteria for the tagline, which is to say that it s set in an ultraviolent dystopian future in which everyone speaks in a heavily stylized slang The titular ambients are basically a subclass of genetically deformed victims of a nuclear plant leak, one of whom is a bodyguard in New York for one of the wealthiest men on the planet That man is the scion of the founder of Dryco, a conglomerate that basically controls what little government is left in America, and by extension must have a controlling interest of the world economy The founder lives in seclusion in Westchester County and might be going slowly mad, and the bodyguard is ordered to kill him This seems like the perfect scheme for him to elope with his boss s mistress, an ambient who is particularly proficient in the Rollerball style death matches by which Dryco symbolically engulfs punier corporations Basically, stripping away all the stylistic flash, it s a classic...

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    This was a really brilliant piece of science fiction, or maybe cyberpunk, possibly dystopian fiction Or maybe just, plain, excellently written fiction Choose your flavour.We follow O Malley, our fairly content, fairly well adjusted by the standards of his day , main character as he goes about his day, he is the bodyguard for a top ranking corporation executive, one of a powerful family who, basically can do whatever they like O Malley is grateful for his job, he does not know where or who he would be otherwise in this world where people can have anything done to them with no repercussions, this violently lawless society where anything goes for some people, and nothing is given for others.The only thing that O Malley is dissatisfied about, the only thing he really craves is Avalon, his boss s concubine Sex slave or similar In order to get Avalon he accepts an insane offer from his boss, who is thinking along lines of patricide.This story is so well written it is virtually timeless, the clever use of invented slang as was done in Clockwork orange means that the language does not date it The society is so outrageously unlike our own that the reader is given no option of dating events based on anything they know It is an incredibly addictive read.I would caution people who do not deal well with violence that it is not for them I ...

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    Ambient is a dystopian noir novel set in the 21st century where Elvis is worshipped and New York America has become a Hobbesian hell and a libertarian dreamland Owners own and rule and kill, Ambients are maimed and deformed from a chemical nuclear biological experiment and the rest of humanity are just surface irritants to the owners kind of like now.If you lived through the Reagan years when this written, then it is easy to follow the extrapolations Womack has used to create this novel The Moral Majority, the SALT meetings and mutually assured destruction , punk attitudes and fashion, and above all the hypocrisy narcissism of the Me Decade are used to see what would happen if the amp went to 11 on all that insanity.But what sets it above the usual hell handbasket dystopian novels is the Ambients lingo Womack has quite the poets ear for the vernacular that seems to have sprouted beautifully malformed from Shakespeare like Caliban While not as pow...

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    This is one of the best books that I ve read this year Wildly funny and eerily prescient, the book was published in 1987 and is one of Womack s Dryco series Basic background info includes Dryco is the uber company that is in control than any other entity of everything that matters its leader is the Old Man Elvis has left the planet, is considered a God by many and is referred to as E most people are considered to be surplus folks who can be killed off with impunity, and the military is the only real force maintaining the current system If the government of the US being run by businesses who are allegedly in control of those very same too big to fail businesses is your idea of dystopic reality, this book should be right up your alley.Extremely well written, I had to go back numerous times to just ...

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    An enjoyable book A freakish yet believable, almost post apocalyptic world Humans are worth nothing Much death, raping and pillaging Yet somehow, he manages to draw a small thread through it all I enjoyed the odd language he creates, which is used no than 20% through the book I d say Things like We kept alone Given wood for cake and stones for bread, our way lined each morn with numps and nowls and gagtoo...

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