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NoirHere Coover Is At The Top Of His Form And Noir Is A True Page Turner Wry, Absurd, And Desolate.You Are Philip M Noir, Private Investigator A Mysterious Young Widow Hires You To Find Her Husband S Killer If He Was Killed Then Your Client Is Killed And Her Body Disappears If She Was Your Client Your Search For Clues Takes You Through All Levels Of The City, From Classy Lounges To Lowlife Dives, From Jazz Bars To A Rich Sex Kitten S Bedroom, From Yachts To The Morgue The Case Of The Vanishing Black Widow Unfolds Over Five Days Aboveground And Three Or Four In Smugglers Tunnels, Though Flashback And Anecdote, And Expands Time Into Something Much Larger You Don T Always Get The Joke, Though Most People Think What S Happening Is Pretty Funny.

Born Robert Lowell Coover in Charles City, Iowa, Coover moved with his family early in his life to Herrin, Illinois, where his father was the managing editor for the Herrin Daily Journal Emulating his father, Coover edited and wrote for various school newspapers under the nom de plume Scoop He was also his high school class president, a school band member, and an enthusiastic supporter of the

[Ebook] ↠ Noir Author Robert Coover – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • ebook
  • 224 pages
  • Noir
  • Robert Coover
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9781590204559

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    3.75 stars rounded up.My first Coover and where to start Well the title does give it away it is an exploration of the Noir genre send up, satire, tribute, a general culling of tropes This is written in the second person which fits the type and the protagonist Philip M M for Marlowe perhaps Noir is suitably sleazy, drunk and beaten up on a regular basis He has a smart secretary and a mysterious, veiled female client The City is dreary, run down and mainly experienced at nights there is a docks obviously there are corrupt police officers there is a Mr Big there are bars and eating houses that are suitably seedy there are mysterious tramps there are sultry singers who seem to find Noir irresistible As well as playing with the genre I think Coover also indulges in a little teenage wish fulfilment of that later.Coover, when it comes to creating ambience, words and sentences is clearly a craftsman Much of noir is very cleverly done It is difficult to work out timescales The novel takes place over the period of about a week Time is rather fluid and there are nods to Greek myth with the labyrinth underground where Noir spends a rather hazy amount of time The plot itself is also rather hazy with plenty of gaps H...

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    9 10 She looked like trouble and the smart thing probably would have been to send her packing But the rent has to be paid, you don t have enough business to turn down anyone And besides, you like her legs So, instead, even though you knew her story before you heard it, the inevitable chronicle of sex, money, betrayal what the f__k is the matter with the world anyway , you asked her to tell it From the beginning, you said Welcome to the Case of the Vanishing Black Widow, Robert Coover s homage of a sorts to the genre made famous by the likes of James M Cain, Dashiell Hammett, Jim Thompson or Raymond Chandler The intention is clear from the opening scene of the femme fatale entering the dingy office of the down on his luck detective as though bringing on the night Or dragging it in her wake , and so from the writing on the glass door of said office Philip M Noir Private Investigations What follows next is not exactly your typical crime novel It does include all the classic genre ...

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    From the very first sentence You are at the morgue, Coover s choice of second person narration hits you like a bullet the pressure never really lets up because the YOU never leaves you the reader is made a witness, an accomplice How many thrillers employ that But it works in this highly stylised cinematic take on the private eye experience or rather eyeing the privates , involving the readers in its immediacy and as we walk the hazy landscapes of seedy bars, wet slippery alleyways, lush wicked streets, labyrinthine underground tunnels, menacing dockyard, the city as bellyache so on, it becomes hard to separate Noir s disturbing dream world from its nightmarish reality.Noir is very moody atmospheric, kind of Sin City ambience Coover really rocks it but the effect can get a bit hallucinatory, eg, that erotic dream sequence with the severed hand or that scene with the manikins, that s classic Coover Other highlights would include Michiko her tattooed body, Noir in a pair of pink sil...

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    Nwah, Dahling A modest, if twisted, homage to the classic roman noir designed and recommended for the titillation of heavy thinking undergrad philosophy students view spoiler the drama of cognition hide spoiler

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    A Review Written in One Sentence Written with the rapid fire of a Tommy Gun, being fired long after the sun has gone in a dark and nameless city, streets and hidden unmapped alleyways, full of crooked cops, bums, whores, thieves, skimmers, pimps, hit men, pity criminals, career criminals, a city made for Noir, with its muted colors and rain, flophouses, dive and lounge bars with the same female singer nightly, pool halls, and hidden tunnels and passageways underneath the pavement, Robert Coover , much like Thomas Pynchon did with Inherent Vice tries his hand at hard boiled noir fiction with Noir , true to the genre then Inherent Vice though Inherent Vice was so much then Pynchon doing noir , well surfing and surf music, a lot of pot smoking for one what I mean is booth books are written by post modern masters for lack of better words writers who write in their own styles, and mix and mash many other styles, though Thomas Pynchon can go from many different styles in ju...

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    Have you ever finished a book and put it down thinking that you weren t sure what exactly happened but that you kind of liked it Such was my experience with Robert Coover s Noir Noir is nominally a mystery though it is surrealistic and amorphous one much like a particularly vivid dream This dream perspective is perhaps aided by second person narration that puts the reader in the drivers seat but neglects to provide them with steering wheel, gas pedal, or break.The narration elevates Noir to a novel that you don t just read but one that you experience The perverse and the beautiful collide alongside the serious and the ridiculous It is a curious effect that often times makes the novel stirring, funny, and horrific often all in the same seen In one particularly lengthy scene Coover describes the use of a prostitute as a message board between two rival gang leaders as the two trade insults via tattoos adding new ones or modifying old ones There is a certain perverse humor in a women who ended up a tattooed from crown to toes with layers of exotic overwritten graffiti, a ver...

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    Bound SunPost Weekly March 11, 2010http www.sunpostweekly.com 2010 03 Noir Sung BlueRobert Coover Gets with His Inner GumshoeJoHn HoodYou read a lot of hard boiled fiction Maybe even a little too much The kinda little too much Cocteau called just enough You cut your teeth on Chandler and Hammett and James M Cain Learned to crack wise through Mickey Spillane You got your dark view of the world from Jim Thompson Consider yourself an authority on El Leonard And you ve spent a good chunk of a hard life alongside walk alones like Travis McGee, Hoke Mosley, Harry Bosch and Elvis Cole.You prefer alleys to main drags, suits to denim, highballs to beer You speak fast, think once and never apologize, no matter how wrong they say you are You ve got swollen knuckles, a tin ear and a chip on your shoulder that s been around so long it s got a name.When you heard word that Robert Coover had gotten with his inner gumshoe, you weren t mad In fact, you were pleased by the news You saw that he called his experiment Noir, and you said What else And when you got the book in your hands, you didn t put it down until you d re...

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    Well, let s start with the basics the book is not misnamed, it is in fact a work of noir, starring you oh, the book is in second person , a detective named Phillip M Noir middle name undisclosed, I m guessing it s the obvious one though , working on a case for an attractive yet mysterious widow Pretty much all tropes of noir both cinematic and literary are present, typically to hyperbolic excess The book revels in the black and white, heavily shadowed, visual motif prevalent in the noir cinema genre, and Coover s attention to detail throughout the book when in comes to light and shadow and the obscured is steady and precise.Coover messes with time and chronology quite a bit through the book, and typically withholds information from the reader long after it has been narratively obtained again, by you this leads to fairly pervasive confusion throughout the narrative on the part of the reader, who also happens to be the detective, which is appropriate, as Noir does no...

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    Abandonado en la p gina 50.Horror machista en forma de noir cl sico Cualquier pel cula de los a os 30 y 40 es m s moderno que este libro.

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    If you don t already get why it s such a great idea to narrate in 2nd person a book whose main character is named Philip M Noir, referring to the reader in voice over as you throughout, then this clever little knot of Cuisinarted crime cinema co...

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