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Seed, Soil, Sun Seed, Soil, Sun With These Simple Ingredients, Nature Creates Our Food Once Again, Noted Author Cris Peterson Brings Both Wonder And Clarity To The Subject Of Agriculture, Celebrating The Cycle Of Growth, Harvest, And Renewal Using The Corn Plant As An Example, She Takes The Reader Through The Story Of Germination And Growth Of A Tiny Corn Seed Into A Giant Plant Reaching High Into The Air, With Roots Extending Over Six Feet Into The Ground This American Farm Bureau Foundation S Agriculture Book Of The Year Also Discusses The Make Up Of Soil And The Amazing Creatures Who Live There From Microscopic One Celled Bacteria To Moles, Amoebas, And Earthworms David Lundquist S Stunning Photographs Bring An Immediacy And Vibrancy To The Seemingly Miraculous Process.

Cris Peterson is the author of ten books for children, including Century Farm One Hundred Years on a Family Farm Horsepower The Wonder of Draft Horses and Harvest Year She has been honored by dairy and agricultural organizations across the country, both for her writing for children and her contribution to a clearer understanding of farming in the United States.

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Seed, Soil, Sun  ✈ Cris Peterson – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Seed, Soil, Sun
  • Cris Peterson
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9781590787137

10 thoughts on “Seed, Soil, Sun

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    Young readers will find this close up look at the key ingredients for growing food very engaging Beautiful full page photos worthy of discussion include children holding seeds and seedlings and handfuls of soil and earthworms The text is accessible and interesting, creating vivid mental images of the role sun, water, and air in a plant s cycle of growth Of particular interest are the millions of tiny, even microsco...

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    This book is particularly important for students today Children today, and even many adults, seem to be out of touch with where their food comes from I knew a 6th grader who found it appalling that the potato chips she was eating came from the ground This book trace...

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    I love this book The photography is beautiful and enhances the simplistic text describing how earth turns a seed into food for humans This would be a great title for sharing with a group of children who are learning about the food cycle or photosynthesis.

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    This picture book offers a nice introduction to the life cycle of plants what they require to grow water, sunlight, soil, and carbon dioxide , what foods they produce, what we re eating when we eat certain plants, and how other creatures use them to produce thin...

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    Audience The audience for this book is primary elementary school Because of the amazing, real life pictures and detailed information I feel it would best fit 1st and 2nd graders.Appeal I think this book would appeal to 1st and 2nd graders Although some pages contain a great deal of information, there are also plenty of pictures to help illustrate the meaning of the words I feel that 1st and 2nd graders will be excited to learn how fruits and vegetables grow, which is the basis of the book Application I would use this book in a science lesson to help demonstrate how plants grow The book co...

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    Seed, Soil, Sun Earth s Recipe for Food by Cris Peterson is in the genre of nonfiction and has an award of America Farm Bureau and the age group would be four to seven years old Seed, Soil, Sun was about how everything we grow and eat all starts out from a tiny seed The reason I rated the book the way I did was because I felt it was a very interesting book to read and to see the different things grow from just a seed There were really no characters presented in the book, but I would then say the things begin grown could be a character The illustrations in the book, looked so real Each different illustration inside the book, had looked exactly like the real object in person The colors in the book were very were very colorful In the book, when it had showed the different fruits and vegetables such as corn it had been yellow, like it would b...

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    The SEED, SOIL, SUN is great book for children in science If children read this book, they would learn many things through this book Plants have the life cycle of a seed which are few seeds, a little soil, a ray of sunshine, a splash of rain, a breath of air in life cycle The beginning of a new plant is curled up inside each seed Soil is another ingredient needed to make food The way plants turn sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into sugar is called photosynthesis It helps children understand plant life cycle through this book Extension Teacher make a small green house for green bean and sunflower Teacher take a photo during one month Therefore children can see real part of plants which are root, ...

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    Seed, Soil, Sun is on the nominee list for the 2012 13 South Carolina Picture Book Award It is a good nonfiction book that teaches young readers about the processes plants go through to make food Some words like photosynthesis may be difficult for young readers, but, if this book is used as part of a larger lesson on plants, food, and how things grow, students will have no problems understanding the bigger words.The photos that illustrate each concept are eng...

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    Could be used K 3 Beautiful I really liked this book It gives a wonderful interpretation of how things grow from seeds and give life to our planet This would pair nicely with the title Living sunlight how plants bring the earth to lifeLiving Sunlight How Plants Bring The Earth To Life.

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    While the photography is certainly beautiful, the text has many complex, technical words, many lo o o ng sentences some as many as 30 words and explanations are lacking This would work far better as a read alou...

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