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Christmas Intervention Phase 1 Jase And Rai Have Been Best Friends Forever, Or At Least It Seems That Way Jase Hates Christmas And All The Fuss And Hype Surrounding It Rai Loves Everything About Christmas And Always Drags Jase Into The Season No Matter What For The Last Few Years Rai Has Staged A Christmas Intervention For Jase And Decorated His Apartment With The Help Of Their Friends.This Year Rai Is Not Interested In Christmas And His Friends Are Worried About Him Jase, Who Has Been Avoiding Rai For Reasons Of His Own, Is Nagged Into Performing A Christmas Intervention On Rai What Seemed Like It Would Be A Complete Disaster Turns Into Something Neither Of Them Thought Possible Dreams Can Come True At Christmas After All.

Please let me know if something doesn t work Email ismine.mara btinternet.com I can also be found on Dreamwidth, LJ and Insane Journal as Marasmine no I in the middle , which has been my on line ID for several years I made up the name because I had a character called Mara and then found out, after I had been using it for a while, that marasmine is a malodorous chemical compound found in things like onions That amused me and I stayed with the name I decided to adapt it to a proper pen name so that my online friends could recognize me.I can be lured away from reading, writing or swearing at fiddling with a computer by chocolate or trips to the beach chocolate ice cream on the beach is a guaranteed winner.Mara

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    If, like me, you prefer stories with a happy end, this is one for you I really liked it because, while it was very sweet, it s also about being honest about your feelings and healing old wounds Jase and Rai have been best friends for years It takes a tragedy in Rai s life and pressu...

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    Sometimes you just need to read something that makes you go Awwww, though at the beginning of the story you re not really sure you ll get there In just a few pages the author introduces us to the main characters, then fleshes them out nicely into very...

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