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Wed to the OmegaFor Tresten Croc, A Headstrong Omega Enrolled In The Alpha Dominated Fighting Arts School, An Arranged Marriage Is About The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen To Him Especially When His Husband To Be Is None Other Than His Rival Classmate, The Jockish Playboy Alpha, Loch Luna Their Families Need This Alliance In Order To Retain Their Place As Clan Leaders, So The Two Young Fighters Reluctantly Agree To Be Wed There S Absolutely No Way They D Ever Actually Fall In Love So What Will Tresten And Loch Do When They Learn They Need To Produce An Heir Wed To The Omega Is A 50k Word, Steamy MPreg Story Full Of Action And Romance, Set In An Exciting And Vibrant New Shifter World It Is The First Book In The Luna Brothers Series, And Can Be Read As A Standalone Novel.

Fun characters, page turning action, unique settings and of course, steamy, heart pounding gay romance are all staples in an Ashe Moon Mpreg novel All of Ashe s books are standalone but take place within shared universes Shifter and Non Shifter respectively , building upon each other to create an exciting journey for you All books contain lots of heat Mature readers only Sign up for Ashe s mail

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    This was the debut novel of Ashe Moon and it is fantastic Really, I didn t have high hopes going into reading this book since I was only expecting fluffy, cute and sexy alpha omega mpreg book but I was wrong It was so much than that I really loved the storyline, characters and plot I just wish it s a bit longer Trestan is not your average docile and obedient omega Born from one of the wealthiest families in the country, his alpha father is a legendary fighter and his omega father, a very successful healer Unlike most omegas, his fathers encouraged him to become a fighter and his alpha father trained him mentally and physically since he s a child He s a loner and kind of distant with everyone at the Dawn FAS Fighting School Academy and all other alpha students look down on and condescend him too As the first born and only child of Ice River pack leaders and as an omega, he has responsibilities that he find way too heavy to carry sometimes Loch tall, dark, handsome, a playboy macho alpha As the third alpha in Crescent Moon Pack, he sometimes doesn t know his place in his pack and the world So he played and fooled around with girls to escape from his home and reality He always tried to be friendly to Trestan although he does feel like that snobby omega is a stuck up brat However, he can t deny the fact that despite Trestan being an omega, he s a faster and better fighter than him And these t...

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    What a letdown This was a bit ridiculous I mean, it s a shifter story, yet, I just felt like it was about martial art I didn t feel the difference between a alpha and a omega, I didn t feel like there was packs, in fact, I didn t feel like this was a paranormal read at all Hell, there was even a marriage that was completed with a written paper Where was the animal instinct Where was the mating The animalistic side And where s the explanation on why they are attending a school where they learn to fight Is it just for honer Do the humans know they exist Do humans go to the school Do I need to stop talking and stop asking questions that I m not sure I ll ever get answers for Also, what was up with all the weird names the characters had Something is happening, I said with a little grin when our lips separated Tell me about it Anyway, the book centers around a headstrong Ice River Pack omega, Tresten Croc 20 and the jockish playboy, a Crescent Moon Pack alpha, Loch Luna 22 All Tresten wants is to get the rank of master fighter All Loch wants is to make his family proud Together, they were forced into a marriage that they didn t want Things change quickly though Overall, there was insta love, and that s enough said I hate insta ...

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    Yes, it was predictable And yes, it could have had a bit padding to the actual essence of the storyline, but for a debute author, she did well Very well So easy to read, the pages flew by so maybe a bit longer with the next book but truly worthy of 4.You have another new fan author

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    New author, first book in a new series, and I was surprisingly pleased with the writing quality and the storytelling OK, so I m not quite sure why there is a fighting academy I kept picturing like a martial arts karate school and what purpose it really serves once you complete the training, but I LOVE me some alpha omega AND forced marriage type of stories What a great combo I loved Tresten and how strong and outspoken he was, I always enjoy an omega who is feisty and strong The story was fast paced, but it kinda w...

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    Great start I really enjoyed this even though I was a bit hesitant after reading the blurb I gave it a chance because all my GR friends were saying saying good things about it I have to say I m glad I did It was a nice change to read a story where an Omega is not the pliant at every turn In addition, while there is Mpreg, the whole mate thing is of a word and a special feeling instead of the instalove which seems to be the norm of shifter stories My only complaint is that...

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    Cute read, a bit predictable though

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    Eh, this wasn t very good I enjoyed parts of it, but for the most part I didn t like it.The enemies part barely had them disliking each other, but they still didbut then when they get married it takes all of two days for them to be smitten Uh huh.It felt rushed, and also the mpreg part of this is barely in the story The sex was meh to me, it was also kind of rushed Why they had to have a forced marriage kind of made sense, at least, I ll give the book that But then they re at this fighting academy and we have no idea why, and what these fighters go on to do once they...

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    I am a big fan of alpha omega and mpreg, but I am not a fan of weak willed omegas who bow down to the alphas and are slaves to their omega lusts Did I mention that my favorite trope of all time is enemies to loversthrow in a little arranged marriage and BAM It s as if this book was written just for me.Tresten is an omega who is being forced to marry Loch, a womanizing alpha who Tresten sees as having all the worst traits of an alpha Tresten is not a shy little alpha who has been raised to believe that his place is at home making babies and cooking for his alpha Tresten and Loch are classmates and competitors at Fighting Arts School While smaller and with less physical strength than the larger alphas, Tresten is at the top of his class due to his speed, agility and strong shifting ability Once these two are forced into marriage with the expectation of an heir clearly spelled out to them by their families,...

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    It s the first book of this new author and i really liked the story Can t wait for the other stories of this series

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    Very YA So sweet it was stupid Unlikeable characters Loch and Tresten were too na ve Both sets of parents were manipulative Velvy was an irritating godmother.

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