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The Artists Touch (The Gentlemens Guild, #1) Revenge Is A Work Of Art.Tristan Black Is The Founder Of The Gentlemen S Guild A Group Of Three World Renowned, Yet Anonymous, Artists When A Priceless Drawing Of His Mother Is Auctioned Off By Mistake, The Only Way To Get It Back Is By Creating A Portrait Of Elsa Carter, The Daughter Of The Man Who Purchased It.His Art His Subject His Choice That S The Rule Tristan S Always Lived By And It S A Rule He S Now Blackmailed To Break But If He Is Forced To Break His Rules, Then He S Going To Break Something Of Hers In Return And What Easier Target Than Ellie Carter S Unsuspecting Heart As Tristan Works To Capture Every Superficial Nuance, Her Heartbreaking Secrets Pull Him In Deeper And The He Searches For Answers, The He Finds A Desire That S Unable To Be Denied And When Her Very Presence Should Be Reason Enough Not To Want Her, The Only Thing He Wants Is Her Portrait Brought Them Together And Their Passion Created A Masterpiece But Will Their Secrets Tear Them Apart

Healing Heartaches One Alpha at a Time I m a dentist by day and author by night Want to know Connect with me stalkme at one or all of the links below Mailing List

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    TLTR, after previewing this, it s just not for me I just didn t feel the premise presented was believable, nor the MC s actions that set up the story I just couldn t see the 600 pages being necessary for me As this seems to be a debut for the author, I ll try something else by her that was...

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    I loved this book Tristan and Ellie make such a contrasting but complementary pair Tristan is a total alpha, and Ellie is awkward and sheltered There are lots of steamy scenes and all the feels Fantastic start to this series

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    Outstanding Oh, Dr Sharp, you have outdone yourself with this one I wasn t sure if this book could come close to my love of the Beth and Darcy series, but it completely surpassed all of my expectations I became absolutely immersed in this book I fell deeply in love with the storyline and the unique characters involved This is definitely a story that I have not seen done before, and it hooked me from the beginning I loved how diverse and complex each character is They have a mask that they present to everyone, including those close to them, but together they are able to break down their walls and reveal their true selves to each other Not to say that anything is ever easy or smooth There is definitely a rough transition time, several setbacks and some serious heartbreak thrown in the mix This is one of those books that I actually, physically cried during certain parts And those are my favorite type of books The ones that make you feel so deeply and truly that you absolutely cannot hold the emotions in A story that evokes a true, genuine reaction, and keeps you thinking long after the ending I am definitely giving this story 5 amazing stars.Now, my only complaint, and normally I would knock a star off for this because it s one of my biggest pet peeves, but the store affected me so much I just couldn t There are some serious editing issues in this b...

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    Meet Tristan, or Titian to those in certain parts of the art world He s arrogant, alpha, and seems to enjoy toying with others Until his friend or frenemy, as it seems at some points dupes him into needing to strike a bargain to get the most important piece he s ever created back Thanks to this twisted game of blackmail, he s met Ellie, his new model Ellie has no idea that she s being played but not one, but two people She s had to fight to survive for a decent portion of her life, but she s determined to break free of her fears and learn how to truly live Getting to know and love Tristan has helped her live without most of her fear, until it all comes tumbling down and Tristan breaks her heart Does Tristan truly have no heart, or is he just an angry man, choked by fear and lashing out at the woman who dares to love him Will Ellie forgive and forget, or forgive and stay and fight for true happiness Will the friend frenemy ride in to help patch ...

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    Well Tristan or Titian, his name in the art world is just something else He s an arrogant alpha who loves toying with others Until his friend dupes him into selling his mother s painting He strikes a deal to get the most important piece he s ever created back Thanks to this twisted game of blackmail, he met Ellie, the buyer s daughter, who he blackmails into making his next model.Ellie has no idea that she s being played by Tristan and have father She s had to fight to survive for a decent portion of her life Now she is determined to conquer her fears and learn how to truly live Falling in love with Tristan has helped her live without most of her fear, until Tristan breaks her heart.Will love conquer all and they get there happy ever after You ll have...

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    Book of sexy art Arc provided by author for honest review This is my very first book by this author In very beginning I will admit with the introduction I didn t think this would be my type of read Then from chapter as soon as Tristan came in I was hooked lined and sinker lol I couldn t stop reading, it just kept getting better and better And I will admit it was all Tristan he captivated me his art spoke if you know what I man And Ellie omg I...

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    Loved this book I was immediately captured by the storyline and the characters Tristan is set on making Ellie pay for her fathers actions but his attraction to her throws a wrench in his plan Ellie is a cancer survivor whose self confidence has been destroyed by the disease As their relationship develops, Tristan and his art are able to give her a new perspective on herself The story is hot and at the same time it l...

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    I was gifted a copy of this..I love Tristan you will understand why when you read it..i love this

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    I just stumbled on this new author a week ago and thought I try this book Love, love this book

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    Good storyThis was a good read, it did have what I felt was too much internal dialogue but I enjoyed the duel point of view.

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