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To whom it may Concern This Heady High Of Drugs And Love Will Have A Hangover Effect On You The Statesman Fast, Strong And Satirical In The FaceHere S A Read With Perfect Blend Of Drugs, Love, Campus Life And Humor, Which Will Definitely Concern Any Young Heart Today A Series Of Ups And Downs And A Zany Love Affair The Piczo Bukzone If I Can T Get Her In My Bed I Still Can Get Her In My DreamsSorry Wet Dreams Ali, Just Another Young College Goersex, Smoke And Those Eyes His World It Is But There S Something That S Not Just Another , Incomplete Emotions, Restlessness Inside Something Within His Head That Even He Can T Decipher That Dark Stinky Basement And The Haunting Silence Around Those Walls Alters His Future Forever What Happens When A Loner, Marijuana Addict Recluse Falls In An Uncontrollable, Beautiful Love And The Worse She Loves Him Too Based On True Incidents, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Is A Wild Murky And Witty Account Of A Lost Soul Combating Lethal Addictions Like Love, Just And Much Will He Grapple Out Alive To Find Love Luck Or Just My Bad

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the To whom it may Concern book, this is one of the most wanted Shariq Iqbal author readers around the world.

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    1 This author is not yet over smsspeak it creeps into his narrative.2 This publisher does not have a copy editor I picked up a Srishti Publications so, serves me right Or shoud I say My bad 3 This author believes that everyone who reads this has read Love Story , Preppy serioUsly PreppY Y Y is now a generic term of endearment, like sweatheart or honey The drugs angle leads nowhere, simply giving the impression that all students in B lore have a drug routine, which is a sad conclusion implication.The friend angle has some truth, some depth, some tragedy, some sensitivity, but honestly, I do not get why the hero was so deeply affected gulity about his friend, what are primary school kids supposed to do about their friends illnesses in general The romance being simple is actually a relief from the bizzare twists that the sister novels are full of, but the heroine is so sugary, I gag choke.Sorry, yet another wannabe novel which gives the mature rea...

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    Very simple story Immature writing Girlfriend very sugary Use of abusive words in every conversation, doesn t make it so cool Seems like making a BIG deal about something simple Couldn t relate to the author s feelings at all.

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    To Whom It may concern started this novel yesterday and completed it today The 186 pager took 3 4 hours to complete, it would have taken less but I had my imagination breaks while reading Sometimes you prefer someone telling you or making your believe that everything is easy Passing in engineering exams, getting a intelligent and confident girl who loves you no matter how shitty you are, getting good and trust worthy friends and many things which are either impossible or very difficult to get if said are very easy to achieve, you definitely feel happy with this favorable bluff Well this book plays the role of that someone, it definitely played that role for me for the duration of the read Definitely not the book if you are eying for a read which proves to be a spectacular story which twist your brains apart, a effect which almost all the ...

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    This is yet another novel that unravels the subtleties of a love life.An ordinary engineering student meets a young girls and develops a higher intuition of love The plots wraps around as that intuition actually turns into love on the course on favorable coincidences However, the dark side of author consistently haunts him and all of a sudden, the author confronts it He realises that it is now or never Yet he subsides it over love But it had been too late be...

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    Gd bk out from an engg College student.at points better dan d chetan bhagats five point someone.except for some rough patches ,d book sails along smootly.d character of sandy is specially lovable but divya is a repeat.recommended 4 students n young professionals.Note using fuck so of...

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    dis is a beautiful bk da writer has shwd hw difficlut it is to stay wid da memories ou r past esp wen its nt good facing da world courageously is wat me must learn 4m dis bk v hav to giv it a shot v jus cnt sit thnkn everythn vl b fyn sumday v hav 2 make thngs fyn

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    Cute college story filled with love and explains what engineer college guys are

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    1 of d best buk awesme tis young author needs lots of appreciation

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    If you are a guy and you smoke then this is for you Trust me It has great impact on smokers Story is not good It s simple with romance.

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