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The Pentagram Child After Finding Out The Traumatic Truth, Keira Tries To Move On From The Doors Of Afterlife And The Love Lost Through A World Of Pain But Afterlife S King Isn T Yet Done With Her, And Keira Once Again Finds Herself Stood Opposite The Man Who Broke Her Heart.However, The Truth That She Thought She Knew Will Soon Unravel, And Keira Finds Herself Following The Ribbon Of Lies All The Way To The Very Gates Of Hell And As Keira Knows Than Most, The Pursuit Of Truth Can Be A Dangerous Game To Play When Your Opponents Are Supernatural Killers But Can Everyone Be Trusted Please Note That The Book Is Written Using UK English Spelling, With Some Local Northern Sayings And Descriptions.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Pentagram Child book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Hudson author readers around the world.

✺ The Pentagram Child  Epub ✽ Author Stephanie Hudson – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Audio CD
  • The Pentagram Child
  • Stephanie Hudson
  • 13 February 2018
  • 9781543623307

10 thoughts on “The Pentagram Child

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    I must admit this series is one of my all time favourites, this author really does have a great imagination and depth to her books.BUT this one didn t work for me There seemed to many pages where nothing of interest was going on Lots of inner dialogue with no action, and I m now finding that I m becoming frustrated with this whole I can t tell you why, it s not the right time thing I mean to be honest you would be demanding the answers there and then Nothing really happened action wise until the very end, and I found that was just flicking pages because I was becoming bored with the endless inner dialogue, and slowness of this book.I think it s because all the other books from this series really gripped me the first page to the last, so this one really did disappoint me.Don t get me wrong I love the characters and the theme, but maybe this is running out of steam for me But I m not ready to hang up my boots on this series yet I m finding I want to read about th...

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    It s live on

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    The story dragged a bit for me It picked up toward the end, but in my opinion, the middle got a little too sappy for me A good editor could have cut the book down and we may have had only one book instead of two That said, ...

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    After such a long wait soooooo disappointing

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    I love this series I need part 2 so bad This is actually book 5 in the Afterlife series, and comes in 2 parts, so unfortunately there is another wait ahead for part 2 No doubt the wait will be worth it, it always is. But I HATE waiting pmsl All through this book the question will they won t they is there, and do they You will have to read it for yourself to find out lol It would help if you have read the other books in the series to get all the history on all characters, but I can highly reco...

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    Outdoes herself with each new book Keira is a great character who is easy to relate to, she is Surrounded by friends and family who love her The Draven family is full of mystery and intrigue and when you think you have things figured out Stephanie turns another corner This book the fifth in the series leaves you wondering w...

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    Unfortunately, whilst I adored the last four books, with this one I found myself continuously skipping pages of boring dialogue, and repeated and dragged out issues The ending was the best part of the whole.

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    Loved it Full review to follow

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    This rating is really for all the books in this series up to this point, including this one And I really struggled with how to rate it, because there are some aspects that deserve 5 stars or and some that made me want to give it 1 star In fact, I can t remember a time I ve been so conflicted while reading a book I m going to start by talking about the positives, because they are VERY positive.The world building done in this series is wonderful It is creative, detailed, and extensive, and it just gets better with each book in the series In the first book, I wasn t at all sure where it was going, but as I kept reading, I found myself drawn further and further in, and I suspect most lovers of urban fantasy will find themselves in the same boat I don t know that I can point to a single aspect of it that is completely original, but in its current configuration, the world feels unique The concept of the good demon and bad angel is a classic metaphor for not judging a book by its cover The elaborate descriptions of the various realms of hell, the clear verbal pictures that are painted of how each demon appears, and the complexity of the various clubs Afterlife, Transfusion, Devil s Ri...

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    Definitely 5 stars I started reading this series on a whim and wasn t sure if I would like it or not since it is a little different than my usual read Book one had me hooked after a few chapters As others have said the first bit of the book is a little slow but it does introduce you to the characters and lets you envision the surroundings and builds the scene which is wonderful and I think the reason you become so attached to these characters Books 2, 3 and 4 are packed with it all, we have romance, action, horror, sex scenes, yearning, mysteries, history, you name it It is definitely hard to put this series into only one category as it fits the bill for so many There is a little bit for everyone in these series Book 4 left me a little ticked off at Draven as I have been many times over I m not sure how Stephanie has the power to make me love and hate and love and hate again one character but she does In this particular book I am back to loving him and think that by adding Draven s thoughts to the book was a great idea as it shows the reader his point of view instead of wondering like poor Kiera does I ve seen a few reviews concerning this book being slow too many thoughts of the characters without enough action that is totally not the ca...

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