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My Life as Eva From The Popular YouTube Tastemaker Eva Gutowski Comes Her Nationally Bestselling Lifestyle And Advice Book On The Ups And Downs Of Life, Told In Her Hilarious, Charming, And Genuine Voice.What S Up Guys It S Me, Eva You May Know Me From My YouTube Channel, MyLifeAsEva If That S The Case, Then You Might Also Know That I Have A Munchkin Cat Named Paris, A Weird Obsession With Patterned Sock Collecting, And The Tendency To Say HOLY SCHNITZEL At All The Wrong Moments Likeembarrassing Moments.I M So Lucky To Have My Fans Over Eight Million Besties And Counting It Has Been Amazing To Meet So Many Of You Since I Started Making Videos Growing Up, Books Are What Got Me Through Life A Lot Of The Good Times, And The Really Bad Times And No Matter How Challenging Life Got, I Promised Myself That I Would Get Through It, In Hopes That Someday I D Have The Chances To Help People Who Need That One Piece Of Great Advice At Just The Right Time.So Here S A Book By Me, Totally For You I Ll Tell You A Ton Of My Secrets, A Lot Of Fail Stories, And How I Made It Through And How You Can, Too Think Of My Book Like A Best Friend You Can Turn To At Any Time.XoEva

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski better known as MyLifeAsEva is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger with over 6 Million YouTube Subscribers and 12M followers across social media Each week, Eva shares comedy sketches, travel footage, Tumblr inspired DIYs and outfits, and .

!!> Download ➹ My Life as Eva  ➾ Author Eva Gutowski – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • My Life as Eva
  • Eva Gutowski
  • 20 April 2017
  • 9781501146725

10 thoughts on “My Life as Eva

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    This is one of the most inspiring books I ve ever read listened to Since this is the second audio book I ve ever listened to, but it s so much inspiring than most books I ve read.

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    This is an awesome and amazing book I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes life style and reality books Really all I can say is read it you will LOVE it I promise It is my FAVORITE book I have EVER read

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    When I first found out that Eva Gutowski released a book, I couldn t handle my excitement I could finally read through some ,what I consider, very teaching and interesting stories that could either get my mood up or just cause me to want to change my life in a very positive way.I relished reading about very relatable moments and situations that Eva went through It amazed me that her character is so positive and merry, despite all the bad and horrible things that life dragged her through This motivated me to be as positive as she is too, and stand up to all those bullies and fears and to not let them carve my path through life She reminded me that, although some occasions may seem hopeless, there is always good to come.Not only does this book have a very meaningful thought to it, but adding to that it include...

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    3.5 StarsListened to the audiobook read by Eva GutowskiTW RapeThis was fine and I enjoyed it enough Obviously nothing ground breaking here, but I used to watch Eva s videos so I thought I d give it ago when I saw it available through my library I think this would be a decent book for those in her usual subscriber age range and this had some decent advice and spread some nice sentiments However, I m not sure how to put this, but it seemed almost like her life was too easy The book is title The Struggle Is Real but it didn t seem like she really struggled I know that she talks about growing up poorer than those around her and of course the terrible fact that she was raped, but it seemed like all her advice around those things how she dealt with them boiled down to just getting over it I m not here to police her reactions to things, and I m sure there was struggling behind the scenes, but I wish she was a bit open ...

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    I thought it was interesting to read My Life As Eva Her book is about a variety of different experiences she had and a lot of stories thats she shares that she had experienced during her high school and college years It was unbelievable to read of what she went through and was very engaging She also shares recipes that look super delicious She writes so much addvise that can be helpful for high school years and overcoming situations that readers can relate to that also she experienced Eva lived through some crazy moments that she shares and gives life long advice that people can benefit from She explains so much that helped her, for example her diet and body image.This was an interesti...

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    I really enjoyed this, although the time frame was a little confusing at times.

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    This was a cute and very quick read Not really a big fan of her now though.

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    Good day all is well please this is i faith a great book through lore life is a struggle thanks so much god bless really have it good.

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    Very interesting, motivational, inspiring and truthful I would highly suggest this book to young adults in high school, junior high, or college A lot about love, heartbreak, confusing moments, and pain.

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    This book is so good It contains recipes, fashion and much love u Eva

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