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Surviving the Fall (Surviving the Fall, #1) When A Devastating Attack Cripples And Destroys Every Internet Connected Device In The Country, Rick Waters Is Stranded A Thousand Miles From His Wife, Dianne, And Their Children To Get Back Home He Ll Have To Draw On Every Survival Instinct He Has As He S Pulled Into A Web Of Lies And Conspiracy That Threaten Not Just His Survival But That Of The Entire World Surviving The Fall Is A Thrilling Post Apocalyptic Episodic Series That Focuses On Rick And Dianne Waters And How They Each Deal With The Apocalypse Stranded Across The Country Away From His Family, Rick Must Travel From California To Virginia To Reunite With His Wife And Children, All While Struggling To Comprehend And Deal With The Horrors Along The Way At Home With Her Three Children When She Experiences The Beginning Of The End In A Dramatic And Deadly Fashion, Dianne Waters Has Experience As A Prepper And Survivalist, But Not Even Years Of Training And Preparation Have Readied Her For The Darkness That Comes With The End Of The World Now She Must Draw Upon Those Skills To Protect Her Loved Ones And Fight Back Against Those Who Come Against Her And Her Family.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Surviving the Fall (Surviving the Fall, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Kraus author readers around the world.

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    A fresh new perspective for an apocalyptic series Closely follow a husband and a wife who are at other ends of the country when the world goes through a tremendous apocalyptic event The wife is home alone with their three children when the world goes haywire and her husband is on a business trip.Hearing both perspectives as they battle through some extremely horrendous situations made it doubly exciting and riveting.Just purchased the Omn...

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    This book contained some unlikely scenarios and grievous grammatical errors, yet I was enthralled by the story I do loves me a good disaster book or movie, and this one had thrills in spades I couldn t wait to get to the next episode.

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    This one was a lot slower than I thought it would be I enjoyed the idea behind it, just not the execution.

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    Interesting premise Riveting start to the series.

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    Rick was a tech guy living almost off the grid in virginia with his wife Linda and kids Rick went to California for a seminar, and something really crazy happened, so crazy it was national maybe even global I really CAN T WAIT for the next book This author can write Theres some real terror in here, it see...

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    newer vehicles talk to each other An interesting first installment of a new apocalyptic serial made all the frightening because it feels so plausible Rick Waters has just arrived in L.A.for a business meeting, having left his wife and three children on their small homestead farm on the outskirts of Ellisville, Virginia, when his hire car radio goes haywire, the engine fails and he s not alone Other motorists are in the same position Then fires start and planes fall out of the sky Based on the question, What if, overnight, every single device that depends on the internet to function stopped working , this story does ...

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    A New Theory on a Post Apocalyptic EventThe idea that a computer system back could bring down our way of life is not new but the way this one is done is new Book one in the series is off to a great start The main grid is jacked which causes keys to crash, autos to stop and burn, and communications and power to go out One family separated because of a business trip is the main focus of the story Mom must find a way to...

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    Pretty decent storyThe story has a good premise Even today, our dependence on technology to do even simple tasks makes us lose survival skills Most individuals hardly think about how many security flaws exist in home computers, phones, webcams, cars, and even appliances My problem is with Rick.He is something of a prepper, but he waits and hesitates to the point he almost gets himself killed That is incongruous to me ...

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    This is a decent book though I m not sure about the science behind what happens to the cars, planes and phones etc It is a nice change from the EMP scenario For all of his work becoming self sufficient and prepared, Rick loses his situational awareness at the drop of a hat He falls asleep after the initial event so soundly that his luggage is stolen He becomes lost in the thought as he hikes toward the city outskirts but does manage to survive I have a lot hope for ...

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    Not your usual apocalyptic yarn, Rick and Dianne Waters see alternate views of the fall from civilization from opposite sides of the country What happens, and how the events leading up to and after the fall will be unexpec...

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