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Retribution (The Centurions #3) The Author Of The Bestselling Empire Series Reaches The Action Filled Climax Of His Epic Story Of The Uprising Of The Batavi In AD 69.Victory Is In Sight For Kivilaz And His Batavi Army The Roman Army Clings Desperately To Its Remaining Fortresses Along The Rhine, Its Legions Riven By Dissent And Mutiny, And Once Loyal Allies Of Rome Are Beginning To Imagine The Unimaginable Freedom From The Rulers Who Have Dominated Them Since The Time Of Caesar.The Four Centurions Two Batavi And Two Roman, Men Who Were Once Comrades In Arms Must Find Their Destiny In A Maze Of Loyalties And Threats, As The Blood Tide Of War Ebbs And Flows Across Germania And Gaul.For Rome Does Not Give Up Its Territory Lightly And A New Emperor Knows That He Cannot Tolerate Any Threat To His Undisputed Power It Can Only Be A Matter Of Time Before Vespasian Sends His Legions North To Exact The Empire S Retribution.

Anthony Riches began his lifelong interest in war and soldiers when he first heard his father s stories about World War II This led to a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University He began writing the story that would become Wounds of Honour after a visit to Housesteads in 1996 He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children.

Free ↠ Retribution (The Centurions #3)  By Anthony Riches –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Retribution (The Centurions #3)
  • Anthony Riches
  • English
  • 22 February 2017
  • 9781473628809

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    An outstanding close to a brilliant trilogy about the Batavi Revolt by this stage we re heavily invested in characters on both sides and the way that this plays out is compelling and hugely involving I think this book may be the finest that Anthony Riches has written to date Review to...

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    Conclusion to the author s trilogy on the Batavian Revolt Much of the novel was backstory so much so I think you could read this installment as a standalone First the Batavians are successful, then when Cerialis enters the picture, the Romans stalemate, then finally win The book only picked up after he came into the story On the whole, a letdown, but I did enjoy very much the interaction between Centurion Marius and Bera...

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    ReviewBook Three of Anthony Riches brilliant new series, with any trilogy the expectation is clear can he finish it with style and energy or will it be a damp squib of an ending Was the result ever in doubt I ve ...

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    Great bookIn this last book of the series we see the Batavian rebellion come to a close The battles were amazing and the ending was out of left field A great series for everyone to read.

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    This fascinating book is the 3rd and final volume of The Centurions trilogy by the author Anthony Riches.It s an absolute superb read, because it will keep the reader fully captivated from start to finish.The historical details concerning this story are very well researched and documented within the Historical Note at the end of the book, and if I may add to the history of the Batavians, in Dutch Batavieren , is that I m also proud to say as a Dutchman is or less a history about our forefathers, and besides that they give of course the history of the Romans with all it s glory and downfall.At the beginning of the book you ll notice a wonderful drawn map of the Romans and Batavi at AD 70, and not to forget an intriguing and superb list of real and fictional characters, who are featuring in this great historical tale and who will all play a magnificent part in this particular brutal period of Roman history.Story telling is once again of a top notch quality, because the author has the absolute ability to reel in the reader as fast as possible and keeping this same reader spellbound until the very end, and all that with genuine, whether they are real of fictional, lifelike characters who come all vividly to life within this very enjoyable historical Roman Batavian story.The main character of the trilogy is the Batavian Prince, Kivilaz, Julius Civilis by Rome, who s started the revolt against Rome with his Batavian supporters, and he...

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    This is the third book in the Centurions Trilogy, telling the story of the Batavian revolt against Rome in 69 70AD As the title suggests Rome is now ready to fight back and punish the rebellion led by Julius Civilis Kivilaz in the novel.With Vespasian secure as Emperor, the Romans can now turn their attention to the revolt that was partly designed to help ease Vespasian s passage to the throne Kivilaz was encouraged to creat a diversion in the north to keep part of the Roman army tied down and so unable to support Vitellius, the previous emperor However he has gone too far, going well beyond what might have been excused by Rome and so the Roman army heads north to provide the retribution of the title The Romans are victorious and the revolt is put down.The Romans are keen to keep the Batavians on side...

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    A superb series.Anthony Riches at his best imho A brilliant end of a cracking trilogy Can the Batavi humble Rome or will they wiped from history for having the temerity to rebel against the mightiest empire in the world I hated hav...

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    c2018 17 FWFTB AD 69, Batavi, Germania, Gaul, Vespasian Wowzer I knew that this was not going to have a happy ending for all the characters but still..some events took mw totally by surprise I should have seen it coming It is as fast paced as ever and definitely a page turner...

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    Riveting A Wonderful end TO the trilogy , most impressed, Brilliant Battles by Hard Men off the Time Pity to end this so soon.

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