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Were Out of Here! (Olga, #2) Animal Lover And Kid Scientist Olga Is Back Great For Fans Of The Acclaimed Graphic Novels Real Friends And Invisible Emmie.In This Second Installment Of A Series Franny K Stein Creator Jim Benton Called Great, Kooky, Monstrous Fun, Olga Wants To Leave Earth In Search Of Meh S Home Planet, But First She Ll Have To Discover Why Meh Is Acting So Strange.Olga We Re Out Of Here Is Jam Packed With Facts And Fun Elise Gravel S Classic Comic Illustrations, Hilarious Word Bubbles, Space Travel Facts, And A Diverse Cast Of Memorable Characters.Brightly.com Put Olga And The Smelly Thing From Nowhere On Their Ultimate Summer Reading List For 9 To 12 Year Olds And Kirkus Said Of It A Visually Interesting Mix Of Illustration And Story, Punctuated By Numerous Lists, Comic Panels, And Cartoon Diagrams And Led By A Smart Female Protagonist A Bubble Gum Crowd Pleaser With Wide Audience Appeal.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Were Out of Here! (Olga, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Elise Gravel author readers around the world.

✫ Were Out of Here! (Olga, #2)  Books ✭ Author Elise Gravel – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • ebook
  • 192 pages
  • Were Out of Here! (Olga, #2)
  • Elise Gravel
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9780062351319

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    I enjoyed reading this with my seven year old We enjoy the quirky humour.

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    A Worthy SequelThis is the second book in the Olga series While I thought it was fine, and while a reader could certainly start with this book, it might be best overall to begin this series with the first book.In Book 1, Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere , we first meet Olga, find Meh, and are introduced to all of Olga s friends In that book Olga is grumpy, bordering on grouchy, but we get to see her mellow out as the story progresses In this new installment Olga continues to have her doubts about the appeal of humans generally, but without the backstory her little asides and gripes, about pollution, rudeness, and that sort of thing , can feel a touch out of place In the same vein the existence of Meh, an alien pet being thing might feel out of context for a new reader.I guess the best way to describe it is to note that Book 1 is really a character and story setup book, and this sequel is a complete story that just jumps right off As to that story, well, it has a lot of moving parts Olga wants to be an astronaut so that she and Meh can try to find Meh s home planet Lots of good stuff about space, the space program, and astronauts This is where Olga s narrative, funny drawings, Olga s lists, captioned drawings, rese...

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    ARC from Young Adult Books CentralOlga and Meh are back after their exploits in Olga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere Olga and her friend Chuck are enjoying playing with the strange and smelly pet, but Olga becomes concerned when Meh starts exhibiting strange symptoms The creature has weird growths on its belly, smells even worse, is picky about food, and is generally lacking energy and enthusiasm Even the Lalas try to help care for the sick pet, but nothing seems to make Meh better It s hard to find a vet for a possibly alien creature, and Olga does consult Dr Spiffle, only to find him taking selfies with her pet and offering no real answers Luckily, a turn of event points out what was wrong with Meh, who quickly recuperates This is a goofy notebook novel, with very little text and lots of cartoon style pictures Meh s background leads to all manner of wild conjecture, which is accompanied by appropriate drawings Olga thinks aout what she would do with a herd of Olgamuses, she dreams about traveling to Meh home planet, and even gives us information about scientists in her somewhat oddball way I did enjoy the fact that when Meh got sick, Olga consulted her local librarian, Ms Swoop Ms Swoop is a tattooed, hipster librarian who manages to give Olga a little bit of advice, as opposed to Mr Gumstrap, a librarian who doesn t think children should be allowed in the library and whose lips are the same color...

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    While this is an excellent sequel, it would be a poor jumping on point for the series Readers really do need to have read the first book before tackling this one, as most of the characters are introduced before this book starts That especially applies to Meh, the pet that Olga acquired in the first book This book deals with Olga s attachment to Meh, even when Meh is apparently sick in a fairly repulsive set of ways Olga s behavior is adorable, and anyone who has ever seen a child love a pet would understand at least most of her behavior The oddest thing about this book, that I only realized after reading it, was the total absence of adult family members in the story The only adults here are two very different librarians and the staff and folks at a veterinary office Olga s interactions with them range from friendly to very peculiar.The hybrid nat...

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    For reviews, check out my blog Craft CycleCute book I didn t like it as much as the first one, but it was still a very entertaining read.In this book, Olga speculates where Meh came from and dreams of going into space to find others of Meh s kind While doing so, Olga gives the reader interesting facts about space and space travel, including a list of famous females in space I love the focus on women in STEM fields It is one of the things I really enjoy about this series.The rest of the book is a funny and random adventure, which includes a strange trip to the vet and Meh s mysterious health issues As an adult reading this, the cause of Meh s health issues were pretty obvious it s kind of an overused theme in children s literature by now , but I can see how kid s wouldn t necessarily expect it As with the first, I enjoyed the artwork ...

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    Olga is interested in leaving earth to get away from annoying humans and to find her pet Meh s home planet, as Meh is an unknown species Olga found in the first book It would have been a bit helpful to have read the first book, but there was still enjoyment to be found in this installment I was curious why she was so annoyed by most humans I appreciated Olga s love of animals, ...

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    I received this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This book was strange, but funny Olga s alien pet, Meh, has begun acting stranger than usual Olga knows that her pet is sick and she will get to the bottom of how to ...

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    In this book, Olga and her alien pet Meh want to go to Meh s planet They start at the library to find out about space travel Meh starts to act sick and has bumps all over Olga takes Meh to the vet The vet is very strange After a few experiences, Ol...

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    this is delightfully illustrated, written AND it shows scientific method but in a sneaky way that most kids won t notice The first Olga book got ME designer, artist and my HUSBAND scientist so excited that i pre ordered We re out of here.Highly recommend My son is 7.

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    This is the second book in the Olga series, and is amazing Meh gets a mysterious illnesses and a fraud celebrity veterinarian takes meh to gain fame online, because meh is the first animal of its kind to visit earth Luckily it s just because meh was PREGNANT with Meh babies Awww

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