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In Their Shoes Throughout Our Lifetimes, Most Of Us Will Face Different Hardships, And Create Many Amazing Memories All Of Those Blend Together To Make You The Person You Become Each Of Us Have A Different Story, Taking A Different Path Whether You Believe Someone Has Taken The Right Path Or Not, It Is Important To Remember That We All Want The Same Things In Life To Be Happy And To Be Loved For Who We Are In Their Shoes Is A Collection Of Short Stories That Allows You To Have A Glimpse Into Someone S Life, Giving You Insight On How It May Feel To Be Them For Just A Moment.

L J Higgins likes to write stories that make you question, and remember to appreciate, the world around you To remind you to open your eyes, minds and hearts.Some of her favourite things are Green Tea, Family, Writing Obviously , Being Creative Painting, Drawing , The Beach, Summer and Honesty.Some of her favourite books are Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games Series, The Wool Trilogy, His

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    In Their Shoes is a quick but very compelling series of short stories told from the viewpoint of multiple people Basically it takes a look at the inner feelings of individuals trying to cope with a variety of issues from eating disorders to dementia but does end on a happy note, the inner thoughts of a bride to be The author does a great job of capturing each p...

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    In Their Shoes by L J Higgins is a collection of short stories that capture disappointment, heartache, misunderstandings, trials and tribulations, as well as a variety of other emotions that come to light easily and kindly through the author s dedication to making the stories carry a sense of purpose and strength Even though the stories sometimes explicitly state the basic age of the main character, each and every one of them could be anyone at all, from teenagers to the elderly They deal with basic issues of life that plague even the most decent, upstanding individuals Suicide, depression, weight, drugs, homosexuality, gambling, and dementia are but a sampling of the themes that Higgins has so adeptly found a way of sharing with her readers, through short stories that basically serve as snippets of time, allowing readers to delve into the minds of people who may be dealing with these issues presently This is a collection of short stories, after all however, the shortness of some of the stories may be jarring to some readers who ...

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    This compilation of short stories takes a look through the eyes of these people at their best and worst times It s interesting because the emotions are real and how I think I d feel if put in these kind of situations It kind of makes you take a step back and...

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    It s amazing how judgy the world can be But no one truly knows what it s like to walk in someone else s shoes In these short stories, we don t get a beginning or an end, just get thrown into the middle of someone else s life for a short period of time.A few hard topics are tackled, one happy one, but all of them were memorable stories.My favourites were th...

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    We ve all heard the saying walk a mile in someone s shoes.Unless you ve suffered from anxiety, depression, dementia, an eating disorder, or a gambling addiction, you can t really know what it feels like to battle those demons LJ Higgins gives readers a chance to walk well, not a mile in the shoes of characters who do fight that battle, but maybe a few hundred yards Please feel free to convert to the metric system if you re outside the U.S Every story is a quick read, and you ll be done with this compilation before you know it But if you read it, you may find yourself just a little bit wiser, though you may not rea...

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    Wow you know those books that make you feel like a you ve been living in a bubble That s not really a bad thing, because that s not their goal I won t speak for the author hear about what the goal actually is, but I ll say what it seemed to me This is the kind of book that opens your eyes to the world around you It s about the people that are going through things that no one else knows about They are alone, feeling like they can t talk to anyone or get help because of how others will see them This book puts us in their shoes as the title says It s a powerful b...

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    The first story in this collection was breathtaking and thought provoking and certainly warranted 5 It is a beautiful collection putting the reader into a snapshot of other people s lives I enjoyed this short collection, however the others didn t wow me like the first hence 3.5

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