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Awaken Product DescriptionSOME PEOPLE AREN T DESTINED TO BE ORDINARY.With A Special Gift Held Close To Her Heart, It Was Always Going To Be Hard For Sophia Woodville To Live An Ordinary Life.As A 20 Year Old Nursing Grad, She Thought She Had Her Future All Sorted.However, Destiny Was About To Intervene.Her Secret Was Not So Secret The Gift She Possessed Was Just A Hint Of Something Far Beyond Her Wildest Imagination.Sophia Will Be Pulled, Kicking And Screaming, Into An Unseen, Ancient World That Challenges All That She Thought To Be True Of Herself, Her Family And The Origins Of Humanity.Original Sin, Forbidden Love And Her Life In Constant Danger.Will Sophia Survive This Dark Twist Of Fate Will The Devil Be Her Saviour Will An Angel Be Her Downfall

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Awaken book, this is one of the most wanted G.R. Thomas author readers around the world.

Download ☆ Awaken  By G.R. Thomas –
  • Paperback
  • 364 pages
  • Awaken
  • G.R. Thomas
  • English
  • 08 September 2018
  • 9780994506900

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    I received a copy of Awaken from the author to review This is the first time an author has sent me their book to review.I thought Sophia was pretty cool and loved the sound of her rainbow hair She s been thrust into a situation she really hasn t been prepared for at all and instead of crumbling under the weight on her shoulders she decides to try to do her best She definitely has moments of doubt but doesn t let them stop her from trying to do good I was also glad to see that she wasn t going to let these angels push her around and fought for the things that were important to her.Like her best friend Jasmine Wow is she a handful but so funny at the same time I think Jasmine and Sophia were competing for favourite character for me I m not really sure who like I like them both Then there was Jasmine s brother Ben I had this weird feeling about him at the start of the book when he was running an errand but I thought I was jumping to random conclusions but I couldn t believe that I was right I don t know how I figured it out but I did and then I thought I was crazy so when it was revealed at the end I was like whaaaaat The ending of Awaken was really good Like I said I didn t see it coming but at the same time I did I think I talked myself out of it earlier in the book because I thought I was crazy It will make the sequel, Surrender I think , very interesting I m not sure when the sequel will be out.There were a couple of things that annoyed me...

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    Awaken is the debut novel from Australian author, G R Thomas It s a heady mix of history, mythology and biblical references along with the creation of an entirely new fantasy realm for us to dwell in That s a tough call for any author to pull off but Thomas does this beautifully The main character, Sophia Woodville, is a likeable protagonist, who is thrown into a new life that she never dreamt existed We see her struggle with her new found status, never losing her sense of morality or love for her family.The supporting characters were all very well developed, with their owns needs and back story I really liked Nik ael and Koi, and I loved the scenes set in England as I know each place very well One of my favourite parts was the underground sanctuary, which was extremely visual and compelling.The plot twist at the end was a real why did I not see this coming moment.I ha...

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    This is not a genre I usually read in fact, I d have to say this is my first urban fantasy dystopian book I ve read And I wasn t disappointed The author wrote an engaging, descriptive world that I felt drawn into...

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    Absolutely wonderful on all fronts Unputdownable

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    4 out of 5 stars for Awaken by G.R ThomasAwaken is the debut novel for writer G.R Thomas as well as the first in what promises to be an incredibly engaging urban fantasy series Sophia Woodville has always known she was different A nursing student with rainbow hair and the extraordinary ability to heal others, Sophia just wants to live a semi quiet life The polar opposite from her best friend Jasmine who is a ball of energy Jasmine and her brother Ben have been there for Sophia for a long time They consider each other family along with Sophia s grandmother Nan One day, in the blink of an eye, Sophia s so called quiet existence ends Everyone she loves is in jeopardy Those she thought she trusted have been lying to her and she s no longer sure who to rely and the only one who can fix it is her.Thomas beautifully expressive writing makes it easy to feel you re a part of this world she created and lose yourself inside without bogging us as readers down with paragraph after paragraph of descriptive information Thomas wastes no ti...

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    4 StarsAwaken by GR Thomas is the first book in the series and is also her debut novel as well It s the first book I ve read from this author and it was so good The fantasy aspect is so captivating that I couldn t put the book down Sophia has been sheltered from the world she lives in by her Nan Living with only her for the past 20 years, it was easy for Nan to keep it that way Starting her job as a nurse gives her a great sense of satisfaction with being a healer One day, it all changes for her While at the hospital, her truth is revealed, and everything as she once knew is now different A world full of Demons, Angels, and mythical creatures are revealed Sophia doesn t know who to trust and who is just after her power With the help of her Nan, Sophia tries to navigate her new path all while protecting the people she loves Will she be able to is the question and you ll just have to read it to find out All I can say is WOW The ending is so twisted that you can t help...

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    I first discovered this book on Sarina Langer s blog Her praise assured me that I had to read it And I am extremely glad that I have Sophia Woodhouse is a young nurse with a unique mark on her face and a special talent for healing But she is an ordinary girl by all other means, working during the day and spending time with friends at night The normalcy of her life is swiftly ended when a coworker is attacked and Sophia learns that someone is after her and has been watching her for some time.A classic yarn about a girl who discovers abilities she never knew she had, there is nothing contrived about this story What sets it most apart is the impeccable world building Thomas excels at envisioning a new mythos for the world, reinterpreting the stories of the Bible, the concepts of angels and Watchers and making it completely her own She does it so convincingly and with such beautiful language and draws the reader into her world without confusing or overwhelming with her descriptions History bends at her will and the deftness of it is astounding The characters too are well drawn and elicit sympathy and laughter Sophia is a strong protagonist who is reluctant to accept her true origins and the role she is to play He...

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    Awaken is the debut novel of Australian author GR Thomas I give it 5 stars I highly recommend this book.GR Thomas s writing is concise and filled with energy Sophia Woodville is a young a nurse who thinks she has an ordinary life until she is catapulted into an amazing existence she could have never imagined She is an engaging protagonist and I was immediately drawn in to her story I love how GR Thomas entwines biblical and historical links throughout the story, while creating a new mythology for Sophia to dwell in All the characters are well developed and believable, and with good back stories of their own...

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    This book definitely has a lot of religious and mythical subtext, but Thomas has taken these elements and worked them into a unique, fantasy story of angels, satans, and higher beings Don t worry if you shy away from books with religious tones, as this is definitely a fantasy However, Sophia s story really does make you question what is out there.There is a wealth of interesting characters and beings, and the world building is well researched and woven into the narrative Sophia is a relatable character, thrust into a strange world where she is of most importance A few times, I did question Sophia s naivety and the way she didn t want to hear the truth at first I guess that s because I m the opposite character and wouldn t be satisfied until I knew everything and anything of relevance as soon as the need arose.The book felt very lengthy and this is partly down to the slow pace...

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    Well, there you have it This book is AMAZING Okay, there were a few slow spots here and there, along with a little too much description, but overall this is an excellent piece of work.I loved Sophia and her rainbow hair The author did a great job of creating a well rounded protagonist, who is easy to fall in love with My absolute favorite character was Jaz, Sophia s best friend I have a few friends who have mixes of Jaz s personality and they are the best No fear to tell...

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