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Scarlett Baby (The Scarletts Book 1) When The Head Of The Scarlett Family Died, Yuri Had To Return Home To Treasure Beach For The Funeral What He Didn T Count On Was Seeing Marla, His Childhood Sweetheart And His Best Friend S Wife And When Emotions Overwhelm Them And A Few Months Later Marla Is Pregnant, Yuri Wants The Impossible His Best Friend S Wife And The Baby They Made Together

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    Brenda Barrett does it again with a great novel I know I can pick up a book of hers any time and will be in for a treat Ricky being obsessive with everything Yuri is ridiculous and get way out of control And although Yuri battles love it i...

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    A Good ReadI loved the connection between Yuri and Marla it makes me yearn for that kind of connection with someone So it was nice to read about it I can t wait see what s next for the Scarlett clan I was looking for unpredictable things to happen, I was able to guess what was going to happen next.

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    I didn t know what to expect when I picked up this book But suffice to say that I absolutely loved it The suspense was bearable thank God and the message about deferring to God spoke to me quite loudly Can t wait to read the next one Kudos, Brenda

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    Wonderful first bookI got this book as one of the free books, however after reading this book I am buying not only the entire Scarlett series but every book written by Brenda Barrett

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    Another excellent book by Brenda Barrett Yuri and Ricky were friends but Ricky was obsessed with Yuri s life Yuri lived with his parents, siblings, and grandfather and Ricky was jealous Yuri and his fa...

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    Another good oneRating of 4 Just love Brenda s books Looking forward to the rest of the series This series is different to her other books but I m liking where they re headed.

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    Great first book in the series I look forward to reading the others.

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    Scarlett BabyI loved this book, stayed up late reading the story of Yuri and Marla I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance novels Great book.

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