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Your Mess is MineI Don T Trust People Who Follow Their Hearts Hearts Are Peculiar Things They Re Necessary Muscles That Keep Us Alive By Pumping Blood And Oxygen Into Our Veins Hearts Are Also Compulsory, Often Making Us Foolish They Pull Us Towards Others With A Force That Aches, Burns, And Satiates You All At Once Before You Know It That Mass Of Tissue Is No Longer Yours.Maybe Mine Never Was.In My Case, That Draw Came From A Stranger That Left My Heart Feeling Both Fulfilled And Consumed.I Didn T Expect To Fight Her For The Last Standby Seat To New York City I Didn T Plan On Letting Her Get Under My Skin Or The Way Her Vulnerability Tore Me Up Inside And Compelled Me To Care For Her She Didn T Plan On Letting Me Witness Her Chaos.Her Anxious Heart And My Perfectionist Mind Let Things Get Messy.And Though We Didn T Plan For It, Our Interrupting Of Each Others Lives Was Exactly What We Needed.Sometimes The Mess Is The Most Beautiful Part Of Life.

Stephanie Alba lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, her toddler and their two dogs, Milo and Van Gogh She s obsessed with Disney, British history, traveling, romances novels, movies, and Halloween When she s not glued to her laptop or writing in her notebook, she s either running, planning her next vacation, binge watching Netflix, reading, or chasing her toddler.

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    5 messy stars It was a sweet, beautiful story, just what I need in this moment No tengo ni idea de c mo o por donde comenzar.Your Mess is Mine de Stephanie Alba es una de esas historias donde te sientes identificado, pero NO en cosas banales ni tribales.Siento que fue una historia refrescante, dulce y rom ntica, pero por otro lado te muestra la braveza de la protagonista y el protagonista masculino siendo una persona tenaz.Pienso que es de estas historias donde te pones a pensar que en alg n momento de tu vida, nos sentimos depresivos, por muchas cosas, sin embargo no sabemos que hacer con esos sentimientos o como actuar y lo dejamos pasar No sabemos como buscar la ayuda que necesitamos en dicho momento, o como compartir el como nos sentimos O simplemente no entendemos y ya Esta historia nos ense a que Es una de las que te marcar siempre ...

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    DNF 27%There isn t anything glaringly bad about this but so far the story is telling than showing, and I m just having a hard time staying interested

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    Crei que esta historia me iva ser llorar y sentir que no habria otro libro igual solo aprendie que la depresion en una enfermedad silenciosa perono fue una gran historia para ponerle 5 estrellas la verdad eh leido mejores libros

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    This isn t a conventional romance story This is a story that many people might relate to, and it s also one that doesn t get written about often enough It s a real love story, bare and honest, funny and sexy, and I really hope that people give it a shot Not so much because I wrote it,...

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    Since Hudson laid eyes on that beautiful dark haired girl at the airport, he just couldn t get her off his mind Being introduced to Margo wasn t as smooth as Hudson planned it to be It was crazy chaotic But then, everything that followed their crazy antics was very unexpected.Hudson s a perfectionist and Margo has an unfiltered mouth Tell me, opposite poles attract, right Okay, so where do I start The characters Sure I am sooo in love with the hero and heroine of this book I mean, I used to swoon over heroes saving their damsels in distress, but now strong willed and smart heroines just closes the deal for me I fall in love with gorgeous and sweet heroes, but strong heroines inspire me Margo is such a realistic character that you don t really get to meet everyday Hudson s that kind of hero who you want to just own because damn it This man s sweet, and scorching hot too The things he says just make me swoon over him And Margo She s an intelligent, witty and sometimes anxious heroine Her flaws make her realistic and relatable And of course, I won t ever forget Hudson s nana I mean, how can I leave a character as smart mouth as Nana You ll definitely love her Your Mess Is Mi...

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    POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEW Read this book You will love the characters Their story And, the author tells an amazing significant tale It s funny And, it s heartbreaking I laughed, and I cried I loved it Once I was hooked, I couldn t stop turning the pages Margo, she s broken, even though she appears so confident in the first half of the book As the reader, I didn t think that she had any issues But, as I dug deeper into the belly of this novel, things were not as I originally suspected And, it was with sadness that the truth would be revealed Hudson, oh what can I say about dear, dear Hudson He s hot with his dirty potty mouth He s smart as he s such a hard working male But, he s also such a caring and compassionate man Margo and Hudson s story is magical And, even though Margo knows that without a doubt Hudson is the best thing that ever happened to her, she throws a wrench into their relationship that has Hudson hell bent on doing everything that he can to repair it Loved this book to death It s real and raw Ms Alba does an amazing job with her depiction of the disease of d...

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    I adore this book I love how refreshing it was This one sucked me in instantly I love how we followed Hudson and Margo and heir journey together I felt like it was a documentary, in how we just watched it all unfold Real people with real problems and hang ups This could really have been someone s story, it didn t feel so fictional as a FSOG It felt so real to me, and that there was a major conflict and it was real life, other than some stupid typical female hang ups I related to Margo I have a twin, but my twin is the one who is Margo and I m definitely not a Patty You just have to read it and see what I ...

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    Stephanie Alba achieved super hero status in my eyes with her dedication ,a few simple words yet so powerful For anyone that s ever been called too sensitive , emotional or weak YOU ARE NOTHING OF THE SORT Now that is poetry for the soul

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    When Steph Alba asked me if I would be interesting in reading her latest release, I didn t hesitate to say yes I didn t read any early reviews, and I skimmed the synopsis I am one of those crazy people, who like to go into a book knowing as little as possible From page one I was sucked in, and had to force myself to quit reading at midnight The last time I read book that made me feel the way Your Mess Is Mine has, was November 9, by Colleen Hoover In a genre that is full of slutty virgins, girls with daddy issues, demanding, sometimes damaged, neanderthal men, with beards and tattoos Your Mess Is Mine is such a breath of fresh air It s lead characters are easily believable, and heartbreakingly real Hudson Atwood is the polar opposite of what boyfriend material looks like Hudson is cocky, unassuming, sexy, smart and bit self deprecating He is also a little emotionally detached, when it comes to women I fell in love that the man that Hudson Atwood becomes, after meeting Margo Margo Lincoln exudes confidence, in a sexy, cool, sarcastic way Her smart mouth and take no prisoners attitude, is appealing to Hudson I am not a fan of how love at first sight is often portrayed in books, but their angsty introduction in the airport was on point There love hate for each other is palpable, and as soon as the plane takes off for New York, everything changes As the story develops, we realize Margo is holding on to a secret, and it...

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    This was an arc copy for an honest review.Hudson and Margo, a chance meeting in an airport That changes their lives, at first it s a bit rocky hating each other on sight while still feeling an attraction This story doesn t run the usual course, there are major issues involved, especially for Margo I cant say too much or go into detail without giving away the twists and turns this couple go through, or what the issues are Suffice to say the author has done her research well, it is a book written from the heart and you can tell that by reading it At the start you feel you should hate Margo, the way she behaves and the things she says As it progresses and you start finding out why she is the way she is it starts to make sense I have suffered a much milder form of this and could completely understand and relate to her actions Hudson is amazing, he does all the right things and is nothing but supportive This is the sort of story that needs telling, not only for those that suffer through issues like this but for those that don t so they can better understand and help anyone they may know going through them Stephanie did a fantastic job of telling a great story while combing it with a...

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