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The Sexy Boss: SeditionEveryone Knew Of Him But No One Knew Much About Him And Those Who Did Know, Weren T Spilling The Tea And So My New Boss Remained An Enigma Until The Moment I Laid Eyes On Him Nolan Patrick The Man I Can T Get Out Of My Dreams, Out Of My Fantasies But When A Stroke Of Fate Puts Us Together, A Force Stronger Than The Both Of Us Will Try To Tear Us Apart There S One Thing We Ll Learn For Sure Whether Or Not Love Truly Conquers All The Sexy Boss Sedition Is The First Contemporary Romance In The Sexy Series By Authors Z.L Arkadie And T.R Bertrand Books In The Sexy Series The Sex Boss Sedition The Sexy Professor Redemption The Sexy Artist Fixation The Sexy Chef Domination Coming 2016

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sexy Boss: Sedition book, this is one of the most wanted T.R. Bertrand author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Sexy Boss: Sedition

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    The writing isn t for me.

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    I liked the book There were a few twists but the characters were able to develop.

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    Oh, one star you say yup, thank you for using then and than correctly Other than that this book was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.Being a mother of two, I enjoy writing reviews However, I have not been able to write the last 3 books that I have finished Yet this one gets a review because I do not want anyone else to waste their time with this book.I am also also a person who HAS TO finish a book This was so horrible that by the time I got to 73% done I started skimming through to make sure I wasn t going to miss anything and by 87% THEY INTRODUDED A NEW CHARACTER AND WROTE FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE.Two authors wrote this book TWO And two people thought that in the first sex scene lubricated vagina was appropriate to have readers want to continue reading after that Really just for my guilty pleasure if you have ever said lubricated vagina during the act, please comment below, because I now want to have a personal pole its been four months since I ve moved and seen Nolan next chapter Nolans perspective four months earlier Really, the authors did this for no reason at all They could have written from Nolans perspective first This happened a lot in this book So not only were there really weird time frames but the alternating point of views were all over the place And I love to read from alternating point of views ...

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    Abby spills coffee on a sexy stranger, and later discovers that he s her new boss, Nolan She doesn t offer to pay for his dry cleaning, which I think is a little bad mannered, and is a pretty good indicator of what type of person she is.Her original boss, Liza, is Nolan s sister and she s off on maternity leave so Nolan is taking over the office Abby and Nolan check each other s sexiness out, and Abby does vague PA jobs finding files and setting up meetings and Nolan does vague business work reading files and going to meetings.They stare at each other s naughty bits for a couple of chapters, and then go up to Nolan s cabin for a weekend of blunt sex They have some good times, have a few laughs, and admire each other s prettiness and smarts It s all going great, and then Nolan s dad, who had a heart attack just before the dirty weekend, dies.And this is by far the most interesting development in the book because Abby is then stuck not knowing where she stands Does she offer emotional support as a girlfriend, or was the weekend just a ...

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    I couldn t get very far in this novel The characters were shallow and acted illogically It was clear to me from the minute the empty filing cabinets were discovered what was going on, and I m not even the boss How old is Abby She acts like a 13 year old not a woman who s graduated from college and been working in the corporate world for a while And for someone who hasn t been interested in dating for the past few years, her thoughts jump to sexual encounters pretty fast.The plot is boring and predictable, and the narration ...

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    OkayI couldn t stop reading once I began I m not a quitter, however if I were this would have been the opportune time to quit reading this book A lot of gibberish To much unnecessary details He turned the ignition off, put the keys in his pocket That kinda page filler nonsense Uggghhh About 2 days of wasted time Ok here we go with the spoilers I guess this was supposed to be an erotic romantic suspense I really don t know Nolan meets Abby by her bumping into him in a coffee shop Literally Once back at her office she meets the new boss CEO. Guess who Yep, it s the guy she just spilled coffee on Oh forgot to mention it was love at first sight He s been divorced for about a year Falls for Abby but the ex wife has control and demands he break it off or in so many words she s gonna bankrupt him He actually breaks it off for about 4 months She quits working there and moves to ...

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    I received a Free ARC copy of The Sexy Boss in exchange for a review.First and foremost, yay to me getting an ARC I m super pleased I had a chance to read and review this book Now down to business This book is about Abby and Nolan, Abby has been working for Nolan s sister when she decides to hands the rains over to her brother, upon Abby and Nolan meeting one another you can say the clearly felt a pull towards one another and they were certainly wanting to take next steps to see where things can go with their amazing chemistry However one ex wife and an annoying and da...

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    A very contemporary romance which is intensely passionate and really makes you feel your characters While both Abby Nolan have a few bumps in the road, the happy ending is not a disappointment.I think the people, emotions character scenes that draw you in, are based quite realistically.I received a Free ARC copy of The Sexy Boss in exchange for a review, however I had previously purchased the orig...

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    I received an ARC copy for an honest review.Enjoyable story about the sexy boss, Nolan, and his efficient observant assistant, Abby, and their trials to find love It s very hard to review without any spoilers Sex scenes were hot I felt Abby Nolan were relatable characters that you...

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    Pretty immature writing styleI found this book to be one of the most juvenile and predictable books I ve ever read I felt no chemistry between the protagonists The dialogue was awkward at best I wouldn t recommend this book As usual, I m baffled by so many 5 star ratings Did we read the same book

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