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The Twilight Of The BumsFiction Illustrated By Tom Motley Culminating His Life Long Engagement With The Work And Spectre Of Samuel Beckett, Raymond Federman Here Pairs With Fellow Fictionist George Chambers Null Set Other Stories To Create The Stories And Dialogues Of Two Vagabonds Musing In The Long Shadows Of Waiting For Godot Add Brilliant Drawings By Cartoonist Tom Motley And You Have A One Of A Kind Book, At Once Profound And Immersed In Trivia, Playful And Yet As Serious As Death Stan Oliver, Frog Toad, Bud Lou, The Sunshine Boys, Bill Ted, Bouvard Pecuchet But Most Of All Vladimir And Estragon Stand Behind This Book Like Defrocked Priests At An Inquest Old Men Rule , At Least In The Glimmer Of A Watery Eye And Inconstant Heart Charles Bernstein.

Raymond Federman was a French American novelist and academic, known also for poetry, essays, translations, and criticism He held positions at the University at Buffalo from 1973 to 1999, when he was appointed Distinguished Emeritus Professor Federman was a writer in the experimental style, one that sought to deconstruct traditional prose This type of writing is quite prevalent in his book Doubl

➦ The Twilight Of The Bums Ebook ➬ Author Raymond Federman – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 119 pages
  • The Twilight Of The Bums
  • Raymond Federman
  • English
  • 21 May 2019
  • 9780978881139

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    Review of The Twilight of the Bums by Raymond Federman, George Chambers, T Motley Cartoon Accompaniment Shelf Buried Book Club, Read.Recommended for Folks who believe that laughter is the best medicine The story itself, as we say, was perhaps eminently forgettable, a tale of survival, of defeat and victory, a tale of heroism and villainy et tous les yeux turned away in shame, a tale of noble wanderings, of sadly proportioned departures and returns, mixed with grand scenes of powerful recognition and interruptions From the chapter A STORY ABOUT A STORY WITHIN A STORY Once upon a time ,with these well loved words,opens the magic portal to a crazy laugh fest, where,despite the absurdities meaninglessness of existence,friendship saves the day Hard to believe that in these cynical times but so it goes.Our Bums share the same birth date, shoe size ,even their shadow sometimes a woman too,both at the same time,such old pervs They often ponder, separately or in unison, this matter of friendship, sometimes in the form of sentences or statements, other times as maxims, adages, aphorisms, proverbs, pens es, or philosophical propositions, and at other times just words without any form The Twilight of the...

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    view spoiler euwwwwww, a floater hide spoiler

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    had a hard time getting past the misogyny couple of old writers get together to write about themselves, as bums who share a shadow, in microfictions augmented by illustrations some interesting meta moments, a lot of charming bawdiness, but too much lady hate for this reader.

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