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Not Without My Daughter3 Ao T 1984 Dans L Avion Qui L Emm Ne T H Ran Avec Son Mari, D Origine Iranienne, Et Sa Fille, Pour Quinze Jours De Vacances, Betty A Le Sentiment D Avoir Commis Une Erreur Irr Parable Quelques Jours Plus Tard, Son Existence Bascule Le Cauchemar Le Verdict Tombe Tu Ne Quitteras Jamais L Iran Tu Y Resteras Jusqu Ta Mort En Proie Au Pouvoir Insondable Du Fanatisme Religieux, Son Mari Se Transforme En Ge Lier Elle N A D Sormais Qu Un Objectif Rentrer Chez Elle, Aux Etats Unis, Avec Sa Fille Quitter Ce Pays D Chir Par La Guerre Et Les Outrances Archa Ques Ce Monde Incoh Rent O La Femme N Existe Pas Pour Reconqu Rir Sa Libert , Betty M Nent Deux Ans De Lutte Incessante Humiliations, S Questration, Chantage, Violences Physiques Et Morales Rien Ne Lui Sera Pargn.

Betty Mahmoody born June 9, 1945 is an American author and public speaker best known for her book, Not Without My Daughter, which was subsequently made into a film of the same name She is the President and co founder of One World For Children, an organization that promotes understanding between cultures and strives to offer security and protection to children of bi cultural marriages.Her book,

[ BOOKS ] ⚣ Not Without My Daughter Author Betty Mahmoody – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 478 pages
  • Not Without My Daughter
  • Betty Mahmoody
  • French
  • 01 June 2017
  • 9782266025874

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    Fierce, Frightening, and Real This was a 500 book that I finished within the span of two days. This autobiography will make your soul weep It is a MUST READ.This story completely took my breath away There aren t enough words to describe the suffering and heartache of the human condition in Not Without My Daughter For those of you who aren t familiar with the story, I ll provide a very brief overview Betty Mahmoody agrees to visit Iran with her husband, Moody, and daughter, Mahtob, despite niggling thoughts to the contrary Once there, Betty finds herself suffocated among a repressive environment that devalues women Looking forward to their return home, Betty and Mahtob are shocked and dismayed when Moody reveals they will not be boarding the plane as planned In fact, their new home, will be in Iran.I will never forget this autobiography Betty...

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    The untruths begin with the cover of the book, which features the image of a woman who is dressed in a manner which is decidedly not Iranian So, even before you have read a single word, you have been given an image that is not authentic.The book is carefully packaged to cater to the American people s fears and prejudices Also, the book isn t an isolated phenomenon It s a product of a veritable cottage industry of horror stories and black and white portrayals of Muslim societies Persepolis, Reading Lolita in Tehran, etcTake Norma Khoury s autobiographical book, Honor Lost Love and Death in Modern Day Jordan, which purports to be a first hand account by an Arab woman Turns out the author wasn t even in Jordan it s a complete fabrication Google Norma Khoury Why would anybody fabricate or, in the case of Not Without My Daughter, embellish such horror stories Because there s a market for it These books wouldn t sell as well otherwise If one of countless Muslim women who live fulfilling...

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    I have read this book twice and it is my all time favorite book I first watched the movie one of those you catch by chance on a rainy day I thought it was good Then one day I saw the book and could not put it down I could not believe some of the things I was reading I was in shock This was probably around 1999 2000.The second time I read the book, probably around 2003 2004,I was reading it as an Iranian man s wife I still loved the book and this time I knew a whole lot about the culture.There are many things the author wrote about that are very typical of Iranian behavior, things that I have grown to love about the culture the best food, the love of tea, the strong family unit, the way they seem like they re arguing when they re talking My husband agreed that for the most part, it did represent the culture accurately Except for the uncleanliness part my husband s family are all very clean, al...

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    A brilliant expose of the horrors of the Islamic Republic of Iran Betty Mahmoudy recounts her experiences as a captive , with her daughter Mahtob, of her increasingly violent husband who keeps her a prisoner to stop her leaving the Islamic Republic.She is horrified by the unhygienic conditions of Iran and the total misogynistic lack of rights of women, and the violent anti American propaganda fed to the population She refuses offers to get out of this vile country unless she can take her daughter with her.A br...

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    Not Without My Daughter, Betty MahmoodyNot Without My Daughter is a biographical book by Betty Mahmoody detailing the escape of Betty and her daughter, Mahtob, from Betty s abusive husband in Iran 1990 530 1377 631 9646404278 20

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    A moving and inspiring story of of one woman s courage and determination to get her and her daughter to safety and escape from an abusive and tyrannical Iranian husband and father When Dr Moody takes his wife and five year old daughter Mahtob to Iran ostensibly on a two week vacation and then takes their passports and forces them to stay as he decides they will not return to America ever This is the terrifying account of their ordeal and escape to safety.I read this book when it was first released back in 2004 and only when re arranging a friend s bookshelves did we comes across this book and decided to give it a re read, we both were shocked and affected by the story when we read this book years ago but our memory was foggy on the details and felt a re read was due in order to discuss this one together It s still as shocking today as it was all those years ago, and while the story reads like a thriller and I found myself rooting for Betty and her daughter you have to remind yourself that this nightmare was Betty s reality at the time and certainly n...

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    I can t believe people are still reading this book I read it years ago when it first came out and had a difficult time putting it down Not because it is great literature, or because it is an intelligent, thought provoking book about a culture few Americans take the time to learn about, but because William Hoffer is capable of writing a light, fast paced, adventurous story I felt Betty Mahmoody acted very irresponsibly She endangered her child by staying with a mentally unstable man, not to mention visiting a country she knows absolutely nothing about I have known and worked with several Iranians who are nothing at all like the characters portrayed in this book Reading this dreck only serves to promote ignorance an...

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    You can argue about how negative and stereotyping this book is, how it helped to reinforce generalized preconceptions about the Iranians, how it didn t help to provide a better and accurate picture of the Iranian society to the an already hostile American public, how it was used by a sector of the American public and media who would happily jump on anything like this, how it was used by both sides as a political propaganda tool, etc I read this book not long after I left Iran I don t remember all the details, but let me tell you this There was not a single thing in the book that I could point my finger at and say this can t be true It is entirely plausible that everything that Betty is recounting is true, depending on her husband s social economic cultural religious background There were parts in the book that made me go this ain t so bad, sweetheart I ve seen worse Oh, and it s not all that rare to find people like Betty s in laws in Iran.Those Iranians who scream in a visceral reaction that this book is a bunch of lies are a worried about the consequences of others generalizing this book to every Iranian b personally, they think this book will make them look bad c jingoistic Persians who have a very high opinion of their homeland and take too much pride in the motherland but call themselves Persian to hide that they re Iranian d were born and or raised outside the ...

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    My parents divorce wasn t the most amicable one out there, although you wouldn t know it because they re pretty good friends now At the time, my dad was living and working in Mexico as a surgeon, which meant that every other weekend found my brother and I listlessly cooped up in my dad s clinic in Zaragoza, a very poor community on the outskirts of Juarez People made their homes out of cinder blocks, durable cardboard, and any other supplies they could find It was like night and day compared to where we lived My dad s common law wife would take charge of our weekends when my dad was working which was most of the time , by zipping us all around Juarez any basic American excursion like grocery shopping, grabbing a pizza, going to the movies or park, was so different, but nonetheless fun Intermingled with that fun was the real fear that my dad wouldn t take us back home He had intimated as much to my mom during heated arguments before and after the divorce It was a scary time to be a six year old, so my mom taught us how to memorize landmarks and phone numbers, even directions on how to get back to the international bridge, and what to tell authorities if my dad ever got a fit of the crazies It never came to that, thank goodness, but films like Not Without My Daughter fascinated my grandparen...

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    I d like to first point out that I was born in Iran and spent the first six years of my life there We visited frequently until shortly after all the troubles started I ve never been back and I can t possibly imagine doing so I d rather keep the sweet memories that I had and not tarnish them with negative ones that I so often hear about When the movie, Not Without My Daughter came out back in 1991, I remember hearing that many of my fellow countrymen boycotted it They resented the fact that Iranians were portrayed negatively My cousin was one of them and he and I got into a bit of a heated discussion about this My point, and one that I still adhere to, was that this was Betty Mahmoody s experience and she should feel free to share it Personally, I thought that the movie was wonderful and it brought out all sorts of emotions in me Mind you, I only saw the movie that one time and it was enough My memory is now a bit jaded, but I m quite sure that the book is far better and can do justice, as is usually the case I wasn t even sure if I should bother reading this, but then I found a used copy at our monthly book swap and decided to read it after all I m delighted that I did It was compelling and I could hardly put it down, except when it got to be too painful at times and I needed an emotional break I would like to mention that I have never met any Iranians that are anything like Betty s former in laws, but doesn t mean that they re not out there The family was a crazy on...

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