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Nothing But the NightQuesta Stanza Come La Mia Anima Sporca E Disordinata L Anima Di Arthur Maxley Opaca, Stretta Nell Incertezza Della Giovane Et E In Una Biografia Familiare Amara, Dove La Protezione Dei Genitori Si Polverizzata Quando Era Ancora Un Ragazzino Arthur Spende La Giornata Estiva Che Fa Da Cornice A Questo Romanzo Breve A San Francisco Qui Ci Sono Le Feste Di Max Evartz, Dove Si Beve Troppo, E L Amico Stafford Lord, Sempre In Ritardo E Terribilmente Lamentoso, Un Giovane Viziato Da Sogni Irrealizzabili Ma Non Sono Le Frequentazioni Quanto I Pensieri Ad Affollare La Mente Di Arthur, Frammenti Di Ricordi Di Un Infanzia Che Ha Al Centro Una Voragine, Una Madre Perduta Senza Sapere Quale Sia Stata La Causa E Un Padre, Uomo D Affari Sempre In Giro Per I Continenti, Il Quale Proprio In Questo Giorno In Citt E Propone Al Figlio Un Incontro Ed Allora Che Le Parole Non Si Trovano E Quelle Che Vengono Pronunciate Sono Troppo Poche E Deboli, In Un Dialogo Che Non Concede Nulla Al Rapporto Tra Un Genitore E Un Figlio A Partire Da Luisant S, Un Club Immerso Nelle Strade Della Metropoli, Che Consuma La Notte E La Delusione, Un Cocktail Dopo L Altro Con Una Donna Che Diventa Compagna Di Solitudini E Seduzioni Nulla, Solo La Notte L Esordio Letterario Di John Williams, Che, A Soli Vent Anni, Raccont La Giornata Di Un Giovane Borghese Della California, Scrivendo Forsennatamente Nelle Lunghe Ore Vuote Che Caratterizzarono La Sua Esperienza Militare In India E Birmania Nel Secondo Conflitto Mondiale Al Rientro Negli Stati Uniti Riusc , Un Anno Prima Di Laurearsi, A Far Stampare Il Suo Primo Romanzo, Queste Prime Pagine Della Carriera Di Un Grande Scrittore, Osservatore Lucido E Sensibile Della Condizione Umana, Narratore Puntuale Delle Sue Fragilit.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.John Edward Williams, Ph.D University of Missouri, 1954 M.A., University of Denver, 1950 B.A., U of D., 1949 , enlisted in the USAAF early in 1942, spending two and a half years as a sergeant in India and Burma His first novel, Nothing But the Night, was published in 1948, and his first volume of poems, Th

[Epub] Nothing But the Night By John  Williams – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 138 pages
  • Nothing But the Night
  • John Williams
  • Italian
  • 02 September 2018
  • 9788864117027

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    Night, not Day In all the endless road you tread There s nothing but the night. AE HousmanA young John Williams penned lush language to describe a single day in the life of another young man He minutely observes everything, however trivial two sentences to describe an envelope, and starting to sit down But it is profound and bewitching The multi sensory sights, sounds, textures, tastes, and smells of a dramatic day are poetic, sensuous, and sublime The sexual references are the least sensual Father, he thought It is a word. Arthur is traumatised by an incident involving his father A memory he strives to suppress A man he tries to avoid In contrast, his memories of his mother are fond, intimate, and intense Watery DreamsDreams are paradoxical you have strange powers, but also no power Such is the opening Such is Arthur s life The tool of a dark prankster, a grim little joker who creates worlds within world, lives within life, brains within brain. Arthur feels he is the victim of external forces, exacerbated by his drifting in and out of consciousness sleep, daydreams, and drunken haze With mind and memory he could...

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    nulla, appunto solo una noiosissima notte la pubblicazione degli esordi letterari dovrebbe essere regolata dal codice civile, articolo per i danni morali, paragrafo non aprite quel cassetto.sto valutando di chiederli a fazi i danni , perch stato davvero un colpo basso espormi ai tentennanti vagiti nar...

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    Oh never fear, man, nought s to dread, Look not left nor right In all the endless road you tread There s nothing but the night. A E Housman As I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms after reading three excellent books in succession by John Williams and knowing that there was only a novella of his remaining for me to read, I jumped into the pages of this book with a very open mind This was Williams first novel published when he was twenty six Yes, it is raw in style and there were shades of The Ginger Man , by J.P Donleavy to be found there but in spite of this it is mesmerizing and it is evident that the author thoroughly enjoyed himself writing it I feel, however, that none of his following three books can be compared to this infant I guess Williams was still finding his voice This is an intriguing, dramatic and metaphysical but somewhat depressing story Nevertheless, there is a fascinating chiaroscuro effect that shines throughout the somewhat clipped prose and brilliance is to be found within.This is a day in the life of Arthur Maxley, who as a child suffered a very traumatic experience and the only way he can handle it is to put it to the back of his mind where it resides like an archived file Unfortunately, this hidden memory does from ti...

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    A young man is traumatised by what he saw his parents do one night when he was ickle Oh you, it wasn t THAT, they weren t hugging in a special way But what was it The mystery slowly unravels in Nothing but the Night Eh not as good as Stoner John Williams first book is a quick read and not just because it s a novella but because Williams was a good writer right out the gate and his prose is very smooth and accessible The quality of the writing, the pacing and some of the scenes, particularly the key scene where we see what happened between his mum and dad, were ok But there s barely anything here to hold the attention a traumatised dude does not get up to much beyond going stir crazy in his apartment He meets a leech of a friend who begs for money, he has an awkward lunch with his dad and then goes on a disastrous drunken night out it just wasn t enough for me In this New York Review of Books edition, there s an interview included at the back with Williams widow, Nancy, who reveals that he wrote this short book at just 22 years old while serving in the Air Force during WW2 this was the only way he could go to university to have the government pay his way in exchange for service in the war an impressive fact alone He had been shot down on a mission over Burma and he was one of the thr...

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    This cover, man, I don t know This is the author s debut novel, which he wrote after dropping out of college The novel starts with a disturbing but memorable dream sequence The main character, Arthur, is a college dropout and seems to be suffering from PTSD, but from unknown circumstances He struggles to connect with others, and then his father comes to town Stoner by John Williams remains one of my favorite novels, and is not in danger of b...

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    I ve read John Williams s novel Stoner three or four times I ve studied it and consider it a perfect novel This novella, 123 pages, first published in 1948 and written by twenty two year old Williams when he was enlisted in the Army Air Force, portends the talent of Stoner and Williams s other books, so it is worth reading But it is young, overly earnest, self conscious, and sometimes even melodramatic as are many young writers first novels this is not a criticism, just a fact of immaturity It feels a little like an actor s sense memory exercise where you break things down to their essential beats and live every one of them in this case, at aha amplitude I can t find the reference, but I think...

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    I wanted to read this because I enjoyed all of John Williams three later novels Stoner, Butcher s Crossing and Augustus This odd, unsettling novella was his first, and is probably the least essential of the four.The book is a day in the life of Arthur Maxley, an indolent and purposeless young man who lives off his mother s inheritance He hears that his father is in town having returned from a long business trip to South America, and wants to see him for the first time It gradually emerges that Arthur is deeply traumatised by having witnessed the suicide of his mother when he was still a child, and this colours his perception of almost everything he does.It is a short book, so easy enough to read in a single sitting, but Arthur makes it very difficult for the reader to sympathise with him, ...

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    The much celebrated author of Stoner and The Butcher s Crossing failed to fully accomplish the purpose of his first novel s premise The prose is boringly wordy and somewhat lost in endless descriptions that subtract the desired effect of the substance The writing is quite good at times, but Williams genius seen in wonderful images and atmospheres is compromised by an excessive urge to explain too much, to uncover what should remain hidden Perhaps because the novel takes place in that thin line that separates dream from reality and Williams feared to lose the thread But the thread lost itself in the fear of the grip And I feel sorry for that I really do I feel frustrated for not seeing the potential of Nothing but the Night fully translated into the prose Because everything is there except for the rubber A restrained and disciplined hand would hav...

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    Was z hmt dich nach einem gewaltvollen Trauma Was l sst die Dunkelheit in dir letztlich wieder hervorbrechen In Nichts als die Nacht erz hlt John Williams novellenhaft von zw lf Stunden eines gescheiterten Lebens Lethargie, M digkeit, soziale ngste umgeben den 24 j hrigen Arthur Maxley In einer einzigen Nacht bestimmen drei Menschen den Fortgang des Ganzen und lassen ihn alles Elend sp ren Man merkt diesem ersten Werk John Williams eine unfassbare Angst vor dem Leben an Das schaurige, unheilvolle Leben wird in der Nacht durch alle Metaphern, die nur m glichst wenig Licht in eine verschattete Seele lassen, getrieben Was f r eine erz hlerische Kraft, was f r eine Energie Ich war von Beginn an sehr angetan von diesem St ck Kurzprosa und es hat mich definitiv von einer Sache berzeugt John Williams ist mittlerweile einer meiner liebsten Autoren Das Gef hl stellte sich bereits 2015 zur Lekt re von Stoner ein und setzte sich bei Butcher...

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    Una giornata trascorsa con Arthur Maxley, parassita della societ , come si definisce lui stesso Un cerchio esatto da un estasi alcoolica all altra, da una notte all altra In realt Arthur un uomo spezzato, un grande dolore lo rende impermeabile a tutto, vive l alcool come allontanamento dalla realt e allo stesso tempo come unico filo che lo unisca ad un passato che ama, che a volte rinnega, che cerca di capire e che rivive nella sua mente in mille modi diversi Un giorno...

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