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A Not-So-Distant Horror: Mass Violence In East TimorOn August 30, 1999, In A United Nations Sponsored Ballot, East Timor Voted For Independence From Indonesia And For An End To A Brutal Military Occupation Upon The Announcement Of The Result, Indonesian Troops And Their Paramilitary Proxies Launched A Wave Of Terror That, Over Three Weeks, Resulted In The Murder Of Than 1,000 People, The Rape Of Untold Numbers Of Women And Girls, The Razing Of 70 Percent Of The Country S Buildings And Infrastructure, And The Forcible Deportation Of 250,000 People In Recounting These Horrible Acts And The Preceding Events, Joseph Nevins Shows That What Took Place Was Only The Final Scene In Than Two Decades Of Atrocities More Than 200,000 People, About A Third Of The Population, Lost Their Lives Due To Indonesia S 1975 Invasion And Subsequent Occupation, Making The East Tise Case Proportionately One Of The Worst Episodes Of Genocide Since World War II.In A Not So Distant Horror, Nevins Reveals The International Complicity At The Center Of The East Timor Tragedy In His View, Much If Not All Of The Horror That Plagued East Timor In 1999 And In The 24 Preceding Years Could Have Been Avoided Had Countries Like Australia, Japan, The United Kingdom, And Especially The United States, Not Provided Indonesia With Valuable Political, Economic, And Military Assistance, As Well As Diplomatic Cover The Author Explores Issues Of Accountability For East Timor S Plight And Probes The Meaning Of What Took Place In Terms Of International Institutions And Law Examining Issues Such As Violence, The Geography Of Memory, And Social Power, Nevins Makes Clear That The Case Of East Timor Has Much To Tell Us About The Contemporary World Order.

Joseph Nevins is Associate Professor of Geography at Vassar College in New York.

!!> Read ➹ A Not-So-Distant Horror: Mass Violence In East Timor ➼ Author Joseph Nevins – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • A Not-So-Distant Horror: Mass Violence In East Timor
  • Joseph Nevins
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
  • 9780801489846

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    the U.S empire continues its so called war on terror via blank checks for the military industrial complex, the Bush Administration recently overrode a congressional ban on military aid to Indonesia and restored all such assistance by exploiting a national security waiver Under intense U.S.grassroots pressure, the Clinton administration suspended all assistance after the September 1999 Indonesian military destruction of East Timor, and Congress subsequently legislated continuing limits on aid On November 22 of this year, the State Department announced, it is in the national security interests of the United States to waive conditionality pertaining to Foreign Military Financing FMF and defense exports to Indonesia Senator Patrick Leahy, author of the Congressional restrictions this maneuver overrode, called the move an abuse of discretion and an affront to the CongressTo waive on national security grounds a law that seeks justice for crimes against humanity without even obtaining the Indonesian government s assurance that it will address these concerns makes a mockery of the process and sends a terrible message Joseph Nevins s A Not So Distant Horror Mass Violence in East Timor Cornell, 2005 is essential for understanding the broader context of Washington s latest support for Jakarta s military The book provides a thorough overview of international ...

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    One of the most atrocious, blatant, massacres ever almost recorded I say almost, because pre , during, and post slaughter, endorsed and encouraged by the Indonesian government, the world ignored or made excuses Why Becaus...

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    A thorough indictment of the West in its support for Indonesia s wholesale destruction of East Timor.

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    Joe accuses the west of complicity in the deaths in East Timor, especially critical of Clinton during the 90s Discourse analysis A good historical document for students

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