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Passions Tide ABNA Publisher S Weekly Review Amber, A Strong Willed Girl, Is Struck By Tragedy When She Loses Her Mother, The Person Shielding Her From The World S Cruelty It S 1714 In Boston, Mass., And The Death Of Amber S Mom Is Not The Only Factor That Threatens Her Stable Life Her Father S Secretive Will Puts Her Inheritance In Jeopardy Afraid That Her Money Will Go To Her Envious And Greedy Uncle, She Sails To England To Find The Thing That Will Save Her Future An Honorable Husband With A Suitable Title Amber S Luck Takes An Even A Worse Turn When Her Ship Is Attacked By Imperial Shadow, The Infamous Pirate Ship She Finds Herself At The Mercy Of The Devilishly Handsome Captain, Logan The Refreshing Character Of Amber Entices Logan, And He Finds Himself Challenged By A Girl Who Doesn T Seem To Appreciate His Charms The Chemistry Between The Two Is Palpable Gradually, Their Relationship Takes Interesting Turns, And With Every Event Both Amber And Logan, Against Their Better Judgment, Discover That They Are Falling For Each Other Unanticipated Revelations About The Characters Pasts, Especially Logan S, Are Surprising, But The Fast Turn Of Events Impedes Experiencing The Emotional Depth Of The Novel Still, The Author Takes The Reader With Amber On A Sea Adventure Where Her Captor Becomes Her Savior.

As a young kid heck, until I was 21, let s be honest here , I refused to eat I was simply the pickiest, most stubborn eater ever, and it s amazing that I made it this far without succumbing to a horrible disease as a result of my terrible diet But a stint working as a pantry chef at an Italian restaurant followed by getting my first 9 5 job ever instilled in me the desire to learn how to cook.

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    So glad I picked this up, I m a big fan of pirate adventure romance books anyway so this really was a treat to read.Lady Amber Townsend has unfortunately lost her mother and thought it s not a nice thing to think of she must follow what the Will states only her late father shares some unexpected details that she never knew of, that his willful daughter must marry well or lose it all to her cad of an Uncle Desperate for that not to happen she takes the first ship she can find to take her to England and find a suitable suitor to save the families Estate Thinking nothing of the fact she s on a Merchant vessel Amber settles in for a month of boring sailing, that is until it is captured by the dreaded Pirate Captain El Tigre.A woman on a ship is seen as an unlucky thing but that s nothing compared to being on a Pirate ship.This pirate adventure is set at a good pace and with it being mostly set at sea you would think how much could possibly happen but there s enough content and drama that I was never bored.The main characters of Amber and Logan are vibrant and enigmatic who have great chemistry and dialogue I was quite surprised at Logans s gentlemanly nature and you d expect a Pirate to be crass but there s a reason for it which I won t reveal.Overall I very much enjoyed this story but there were some points that irked me a little but didn t take away from the story.1 All of the crew came to love Amber ...

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    Definitely not one of the better books I have read Amber has a lot of audacity in the beginning Her ship gets taken by pirates and she is taken prisoner, however, demands her trunks be moved to the other ship before she goes If this was real she would have been kiled Also, the book lacked action and was only from Amber s P...

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    I got this book when it was offered free on and I wouldn t have minded if I bought it at the original price This is my first time reading any of Sarah west book and I m glad I took the chance Its a bit different from what I usually read in a go...

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    I got this book when it was being offered for free Usually, I would never read a romantic novel, especially a period piece It just not my thing but I had just read Ms West s other book, Baking Bree and loved it...

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    I enjoy the novel very much I like they way the story takes flight and how everything is discover at the end I enjoy how Amber s mother got her to go to Englan with the fake will and how she and logan get together However, I would of love it if the...

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    Contrary to my usual taste I enjoyed this novel I think my fondness was tied to the heroine She met every challenge head on There were some holes and inconsistencies in the plot but that did not completely detract from the books appeal.

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    I absolutely love every bit of it Much different from any other story of its kind and surprisingly amazing I m very glad that I got a chance to read this it s definitely one of my favorite novels ever

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    Love love love loved it Especially the crew so awesome

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    This was a fun fast paced read with likable characters It was filled with wit, humor and the right amount of love and suspense.

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    not a fan.

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