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Baboon Fart Story In A 2014 Blog Post By Author Chuck Wendig, He Addressed The Truism That Self Publishing Is The Only Real Choice For Authors Today Self Publishing Is Like Getting To Jump Right Onto Your Flight And Go Wherever You Want To Go, And Traditional Publishing Means Submitting To An Invasive Colonic Cavity Search Before You Re Even Allowed Near The Gate.This Is True Ish, In That I Can Literally Write The Word Fart 100,000 Times And Slap A Cover Of A Baboon Urinating Into His Own Mouth, Then Upload That Cool Thing Right To Nobody Would Stop Me Whereas, At The Kept Gates, A Dozen Editors And Agents Would Slap My Baboon Fart Story To The Ground Like An Errant Badminton Birdie Should We Just Take Chuck S Word For It Of Course Not His Hypothesis, Like Any Other, Needs To Be Put To The Test Can I Literally Get Onto Virtual Store Shelves Via Chuck S Described Method Can One Simply Walk Into Self Publishing Like A Damn Hobbit This Book Is The Word Fart Written 100 000 Times You Are Literally About To Buy The Word Fart, Written Over And Over There Is A Picture Of A Baboon Drinking Piss On The Cover For Some Reason, But Other Than That, It S A Whole Lot Of The Word Fart It S Also A Biting Critique Of Quality Control In Self Publishing Or Something Thanks A Bunch.

P.T Phronk writes about things that don t exist, things that might exist, and things that shouldn t exist That s a clever way of saying he writes fantasy, science fiction, and horror He received a PhD in psychology after writing a dissertation about what makes horror films frightening So he literally wrote the book on horror, and continues to create horrific things by cover of night, while by

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    I hope the self pub stigma doesn t stand in the way of this masterpiece getting the attention it deserves.

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    I read Baboon Fart Story It makes me want to be a better man.I actually own a Kindle version of the story and I expect it to be worth something in a few years because there were only a handful of sales bef...

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    This book is ruining my life.

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    The best part was when he said, fart.

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    The author is going to hate me for publishing a four star review of this work but I ll give it four stars for the same reason I gave the massively well thought out, funny The Rude History of English four stars.That is to say, this is not a book for everybody In fact, it may be a book few people read from cover to cover ever It is a book with a very limited purpose, which is upfront about that purpose, whose intent and audience are very, very narrow.Make no mistake this is, as advertised, SPOILER WARNING the word fart written 100,000 times That s about it But the concept of this workofart see what I did there , drawn from a comment by author Chuck Wendig, begged to be executed, and that s what Phronk has done.This is, make no mistake, the literary equivalent of Marcel Duchamp s Fountain, the famous autographed urinal submitted to the New York City art scene in 1917 That is to say, it s brilliantly Dadaist but also a sublime work of trollery It s a postmodern comment on the nature of art and self ...

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    With the time it takes to read a book, how can I not love a book I ve never read before, that I ve read beforeand written before How can I not love that It s so convenient I have to credit the single minded determination of the author to not only write the word fart 100,000 times, but to apply punctuation and syntax as well My hat s off to Phronk for that That said, I must admit that this experimental work feels a littleshall we sayone dimensional Though we would need to assemble a focus group of third grade boys to answer this question, it feels as though this works adds little to either the world of farting, or the world of literature Though we ought not judge a book by its cover, we should feel free to judge a book by its title, and there, I am forced to admit that baboons are not mentioned in the book, nor the connection to baboons and gastro intestinal themes In fact, the book never veers from strictly enteric terrain.Ultimately, one m...

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    Fart 1 Fart fart fart 2 Fart fart 3 1 It is kind of like what would happen if Kenji Siratori s Blood Electric had been written about a scatological journey to find the meaning of life, for those people who bought Dave Coulier s fart CD, A Blast from the Pants, and listened to it 2 Now that I think about, this reminds me of the programming language Ook, except with subtle fart sounds instead of gregarious orangutan ooks Had this been Orangutan Fart...

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    Truly inspirational.

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    I have long wondered why the fart stories of other mammals were published to great acclaim, yet the baboon s fart story received no attention at all As our primate ancestor, it must be argued that the baboon and his fart story are part of the Great Fart Story of Mankind, a fart story that Charles Darwin first shed light on, a fart story that continues on, as the saga of humanity continues My tophat s off to Mr Phronk, for his services rendered to the humble baboon Did the humble baboon ask not to have a fat story No, I daresay not Yet, historians have ignored that story for as long as fat stories have been compiled in the anals of Western literature which is an awfully long time, if you think about it One must also praise Mr Phronk for his masterful leitmotif of the baboon urinating into its own mouth What powerful statement could be made that our Mother Earth is comprised of limited resources, and we have a duty to conserve and recycle those resources Should we not emulate the enlightened baboon How much better quality of life could we all share, if we all were brave enough to urinate into our own mouths to slake our thirst whenever the urge arose I say a social movement must get underway Indeed, we should loby our representatives to call March, National Baboon Conserve Water By Drinking One s Own Urine Month We should all take the NBCWDOOUM Pledge I___________...

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