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Straight White MaleIrish Novelist Kennedy Marr Is A First Rate Bad Boy When He Is Not Earning A Fortune As One Of Hollywood S Most Sought After Script Writers, He Is Drinking, Insulting And Philandering His Way Through LA, Successfully Debunking The Myth That Men Are Unable To Multitask He Is Loved By Many Women, But Loathed By Even Including Ex Wives On Both Sides Of The Pond.Kennedy S Appetite For Trouble Is Insatiable, But When He Discovers That He Owes 1.4 Million Dollars In Back Taxes, It Seems His Outrageous, Hedonistic Lifestyle May Not Be As Sustainable As He Thought Forced To Accept A Teaching Position At Sleepy Deeping University, Where His Ex Wife And Teenaged Daughter Now Reside, Kennedy Returns To England With A Paper Trail Of Tabloid Headlines And Scorned Starlets Hot On His Bespoke Heels However, As He Acclimatizes To The Quaint Campus Kennedy Is Forced To Reconsider His Laddish Lifestyle Incredible As It May Seem, There Might Actually Be A Father And A Teacher Lurking Inside This Preening, Narcissistic, Priapic Sociopath.STRAIGHT WHITE MALE Is A Wildly Funny And Whip Smart Tale Of Kennedy S Transatlantic Misadventures It S An Uninhibited And Heartfelt Look At The Mid Life Crisis Of A Lovable Rogue.

Born in Irvine, Ayrshire, Niven read English Literature at Glasgow University, graduating in 1991 with First Class honours For the next ten years, he worked for a variety of record companies, including London Records and Independiente He left the music industry to write full time in 2002 and published his debut novella Music from Big Pink in 2005 Continuum Press The novella was optioned for t

!!> Reading ➳ Straight White Male ➬ Author John Niven – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Straight White Male
  • John Niven
  • 13 May 2018
  • 9780802123039

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    Imagine you re having a nice drink in a bar Then an utterly wasted middle aged man staggers over to you, purple nose with cracked veins, face so red it looks about to explode at a moment s notice, reeking of alcohol He sits next to you heavily and proceeds to tell you details of his life you don t want to know in an extremely loud voice, details that comprise his sex life and his drug and alcohol intake, all of which he is very proud of Then imagine, as you try to leave, that you can t and that you and this drunk are now tethered together for the rest of the evening, which means you have to endure his tedious drivel for a few hours before you re free Now imagine that drunk is this book John Niven s latest novel Straight White Male is the story of Kennedy Marr, a bestselling novelist who has become a highly paid screenwriter and script doctor living in Los Angeles Middle aged and single, Kennedy is enjoying his sybaritic Hollywood lifestyle, sleeping with many beautiful women, ingesting copious amounts of alcohol and drugs, and getting paid large amounts of money for minimal writing effort And then he receives his tax bill It seems he owes the IRS 1 million money that he doesn t have But when he is awarded a prestigious literary honour for his novels back in Britain, he learns that if he accepts the award he will receive 500,000 tax free with a catch he must teach for a ...

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    am I hallucinating or is this actually a book title

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    John Niven is an expert at writing deplorable, hedonistic main characters except, well, Jesus Kennedy here is no exception, ignoring his family and obligations in order to snort, drink, and fuck his way through the entirety of Hollywood He s smart, a bit sadistic, and certainly lacking in self awareness When the tides turn against him and they...

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    Prendi il peggior Welsh Copialo.Niven vorrebbe forse scrivere un arguta critica agli scrittori prestati al cinema, all edonismo sfrenato, all ipersessualit , alle debolezze del maschio contemporaneo doverosa citazione dalla quarta di copertina Forse In realt riscrive un sunto dei peggiori libri di Irvine Welsh che sapeva scandalizzare divertendo e divertire scandalizzando, nonostante le ultime prove un po sottotono.Il protagonista, il talentuoso non si capisce come e perch Kennedy Marr, ha in definitiva un unico desiderio fare sempre e comunque quello che gli andava senza mai pagarne le conseguenze Fondamentalmente proprio quello che fa.Caro Niven, mi hai gi gabbato due volte La terza non ci sar si parla di aspiranti scrittori sceneggiatori La sincerit , il novantanove per cento delle volte, era Ti prego, non scrivere mai pi una sola riga Era Non hai un briciolo di talento Piantala e costruisci qualche modellino aeronautico, frequenta una scuola di cucina, costr...

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    Kennedy Marr, erstwhile bestselling author, is a successful Hollywood screenwriter Lazy, offensive and narcissistic, he is an alcoholic and a compulsive womaniser barmaids, starlets, TV producers and most memorably his wife s best friend at his own wedding He is not choosy.An unlikely set of events sends him back to a university in England lured there by a massive tax free payment to be a visiting professor of creative writing for a year To complicate matters his ex wife is a lecturer there too Oh, and by the way his mother is dying This book is acerbic, profane, disgusting, funny we see Marr stagger from bar to bar and woman to woman, getting into fights and on to the front pages of the tabloids Not a role model for his 16 year old daughter.I liked the pace of the book, its references to music and films from my youth and its many laugh out loud moments my favourite being a passage where a drunken Marr calcul...

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    This is a book whose beauty lies in creating a character who is totally, almost unbelievably terrible as a human really, an absolute platinum lined shitball and yet somehow sympathetic Kennedy Marr is rude, self absorbed, unreliable and from the opening chapter clearly on a fast track to self destruction, but you know what I really liked him And that s not because I am also a shitball, honestly, it s because Niven s writing is clever and funny and honest Mostly though it is funny laugh out loud on the bus funny.Fan s of the US TV show Californication will know the territory here well successful, charming but deeply flawed writer makes it big in Hollywood and has trouble keep himself on the straight and narrow In fact he seems to have abandoned any attempt to stay on the highway at all and has gone off road in a massive diesel powered four by four, ploughing up the grass verge and driving over bunny rabbits as he goes There are drugs, sex, fights, preposterous behaviour in upscale environments I think this may have been the part the just made Marr so likeable despite his many, many faults and bad decision after bad decision Hollywood and the writing trade come in for some sharply observed abuse Niven clearly than a little familiar with this world and the story builds pace nicely to it s denouement There are touches of genuine patho...

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    La mia pi vecchia amica mi ha confessato che il 16 giugno parte per N.Y Ha imposto per una visita a Boston alle altre due compagne di viaggio Per respirare un po d aria di vecchia Europa Si sa dei pregiudizi di noi allattati alle mammelle della cultura Cos ho continuato a leggere questo libro da cesso che non sempre coincide con un cesso di libro, ma non questo il caso nella speranza che il ritorno nella vecchia Europa del protagonista scrittore di successo, sceneggiatore di grido, sciupafemmine seriale e onanista incallito nel senso letterale del termine cambiasse un po il registro di questa brutta copia di Alex Portnoy, e capace di rendere Patrick Bateman un originale p...

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    Gave this five stars simply because I enjoyed it so much I laughed and chortled all the way through Irish screenwriter Kennedy Marr lives the high life in Hollywood rich, extravagant, boozed, drugged and sex up to the eyeballs He s a rogue, but he s also clever, educated, funny and brilliant company He leaps off the page and seems like a great guy to meet in a bar He is, however, having...

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    What an incredible book A beautifully written, clever, funny and deeply disturbing book that will grab hold and stay with you Niven is as funny as ever but this novel has a distinctly grown up feel about it compared to his others Cold Hands aside What starts out as entertaining quickly gets dark, and then very dark Yet within even the rawest moments, there are still moments ...

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    Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Grove Press via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is October 7, 2014.This story provided quite the food for thought for me The character of Kennedy was perhaps the most unlikeable, self indulgent, self centered, egotistical narcissistic character I have ever read I simply hated him The problem is he was meant to be and this is where I struggled Alas what is one to do Carry on with an open mind and read the story.There were moments of humour throughout the story One example that comes to mind is the fight on the plane I also highly enjoyed the moments where Kennedy went head to head with Drummond and literally got in his head If he was of a likeable character I would have been cheering him on as he one upped him.There were also moments of sadness when Kennedy is remembering his sister This gives a complex view in to the many layers of Kennedy beyond just the repulsive womanizing jerk he is Also the scenes with his mother are touching and show just how damaged he is.I believe this is a story about redemption however I have to admit I am not really sure it occurs In Kennedy, Niven created a character that was so fa...

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