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Gut FeelingAshleigh Lands Is A Twenty Six Year Old Dental Nurse, Who After Meeting Dave Croft, A Gorgeous Twin, Finds Herself In An Impossible Dilemma Living In The Heart Of London, Ashleigh And Her Group Of Friends Find Themselves In Numerous Situations, Parties, Traumas And Sexual Experiences With Ashleigh S Love Cheat Lawyer Ex Boyfriend Lee Preston Pulling On Her Heart Strings Ashleigh Goes On Holiday To Ibiza With The Girls Rachel A Buyer For A Large Child S Clothing Company And Also Ashleigh S Best Friend Beautiful Jules Who Works For A Well Known Magazine Company And Gemma A House Wife Who Has Just Found Out Her Husband Was Sleeping With His Personal Trainer Ibiza Brings The Girls New Friends Along With Love And Loss Whilst The Girls Are Away Dave Has An Unwanted Sexual Encounter Ashleigh Returns Home Only To Have Her Life Thrown Into Turmoil But I Heard It With My Own Ears Must Be True Then A Gripping Romantic Chic Lit Fiction Novel At Its Best Independent Quote Laugh Out Loud Best Seller From The Author Gut Feeling Is My First Edit Published To Show People That An Enjoyable Story Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Or In This Case, The Reader Gut Feeling Has Received Five Star Reviews And One Star Reviews Some Readers Were Angry To See Typos And Others Didn T Even Notice Them It Was Very Hard For Me To Put My First Draft Out There, But I Wanted To Push The Boundaries The World Is Changing, And Whilst I Agree That A Self Published Book Should Be Free Of Errors I Wanted To Put My First Book Out There With Some Original Typos To Encourage Other Dyslexic Writers Not To Think They Are Alone Write Your Story And Feel Accomplished, You Don T Have To Make A Career Out Of It, But Know That You Are Welcome In This Community.My Third Time Lucky Series Are Not First Edits, Like Fourth Edits With Just As Many Re Writes And Scene Chops, And I Hope All Readers Will Enjoy My Traditional Self Published Books And That I Inspire Other Writers With Dyslexia Feel Free To Message Me For Advice On Publishing Your Book Error Free Life Is What You Make It.


[ Reading ] ➿ Gut Feeling Author Victoria  Browne – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 195 pages
  • Gut Feeling
  • Victoria Browne
  • English
  • 23 March 2018
  • 9780992808303

10 thoughts on “Gut Feeling

  1. says:

    I downloaded this book on BookBub because it was free I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did This book reminded me a lot of Bridget Jones Diary, which is great because I love that movie book I d have rated it five stars except it was...

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    Solid hate irritation read Two and a half stars Look no further if you want to be really irritated by the heroine, who has been cheated on before and completely doesn t trust her judgment when she meets a nice guy who seems too good to be true This is one of those books where, if the situation were reversed, I would be yelling at the hero, because view spoiler the supposed cheating incident with the new guy was actually a case of sexual assault he was asleep and woke up to the OW giving him a blow job, whereupon he pushed her off and threw her out he d had no relationship with the OW, so it wasn t even a case of him leading ...

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    She wasn t pathetic she was strong She had stood up to Lee, had fallen in love again, and was sunning her new, empowered self in Ibiza Life was on the up and up I can see where the author was trying to go with this story, but I can t say that it ever made it there It felt scattered There were two main characters, Ashleigh and Dave the story was told from both of their points of view however, the story wasn t balanced between them It was Ashleigh heavy , which made Dave come off as of a supporting character.On top of that, Ashleigh wasn t all that relatable She was a little annoying in her indecision and repetitive thought patterns or was that just the repetitive writing He likes me Does he like me I like him Do I like him He s great Wait, he s trash I m happy No, I m miserable.There was a lot of action in the book that ultimately proved meaningless to the story as a whole It left me feeling like certain events and conversations in the story were just used as filler to make the book longer What ...

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    AwI swear I read this book straight through, that was how amazing it was It was mixed with a little of everything It made me laugh a lot especially when the main character Ash went on a vacation with her friends Bu...

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    Did no one preview this bookThis was awful I can t really blame the book, I knew it was chick lit when I downloaded it If I were the author I would be upset with my editor Just about every page had a typo or incorrect grammar and punctuation The overly predictable plot didn t help.

  6. says:

    Loved it Another brilliant read, would recommend this to anybody who enjoys chick lit.

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    I love a Victoria Browne book and this one is no exception to the rule Littered with feel good humour, wit and romance This book has so many wonderful things going for it Amazing characters, a great storyline and amazing settings I really enjoyed it.

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    I love chick lit that leaves me with a happy heart Gut Feeling is a fantastic coming of age, sweet, sometimes funny, and even relatable romance that had me turning pages or swiping left into the wee hours of the morning Go with your gut, this is a satisfying read

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    Book sent by author for honest reviewI rated this book as 3 stars I enjoyed this book it was an easy read and perfect for a holiday break I liked the introduction to ash s friends and getting to know their stories too Dave was...

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    Very amateurish writing and execution Most of this book presents as a recitation after the fact, with the events tying the story together being told in a perfunctory fashion You see the characters but don t hear from them You are told that they did X or said Y but none of it is described through actions or dialogue The characters interactions come in short bits of stilted dialogue amongst pages of telling and almost no showing There is perhaps a third of the dialogue that there should be So, the result is a feeling of distance because the reader isn t allowed to connect to the story or the characters.Even if it weren t for the obvious problems mentioned above, I still wouldn t be able to favourably critique this book due to the heroine I ve made it a point many times over to state that as a woman reading a book from what is considered a woman s genre and most of the time narrated by the heroine s voice, I will instinctively try to relate to the heroine If I can t do so, it adversely affects my experience of a book, no matter how good the story might be I need to be able to respect and relate to a heroine I need that heroine to be well developed and behave accordi...

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