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The ChildrenDraDonna Is The First Person In Than Years To Be Born With Copper Colored Hair On A Planet That Thrives On Perfection The People On This Immaculate Little World Worship The HEART Which Is A Female Intelligence That Utterly Controls The Lives And Minds Of All Of Her Children By Supplying Them With And Addictive Energy Force That Her Children Can Channel Into Their Bodies And Use In Their Daily Lives The HEART Loses Control Over Her Children When DraDonna Begins To Have Forbidden Dreams That Lead This Young Woman And Her Devoted Husband DraDevon To Discover The Truth About Their World And The HEART S Dark Secret

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Children book, this is one of the most wanted Linna Drehmel author readers around the world.

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    I ve read the first three chapters thus farthe things I really like are It is clean, suitable for any age reader, the characters are of strong moral fiber, there is a pointand one that it is fun to see unfold The story has the feel of one that could really unfold into something of true worth and depth.

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    I had been chewing my nails waiting to get this book and once I got my wish, I was in heaven I ve heard numerous wonderful things about Ms Drehmel s writing style and now I get to join in as one of her new reader braggers DraDonna is not well liked by many They look at her as a distraction that can t get the job done and as a curse She is mocked, joked and treated like she is nothing from those around her She s a carpenter and a very good one at that She refuses to use her energy to accomplish the work at hand and is treated poorly because of that as well She s having dreams that she isn t suppose to have as Tatiana visits her in her dreams and explains she has to be a scientist, one which isn t allowed at the HEART Her mission now would be of secrecy to send lost souls to where they belong and allow the people of the HEART to bare children Will she be discovered before it s too late Will her husband, DraDevon stay by her side to help her Only time will tell This story has a lot of suspense and surprises to it I really did enjoy this book by Ms Drehmel I think her story is a wonderful idea for many to read.

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    An awesome read Held me from the beginning Linna Drehmel has created a world that sucks you in and keeps you thereit makes you ask the question what if Awesome Just awesome.Jenna Kay, author of the Seer Society Series and The Gracen Chronicles

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    I found the book interesting and one that will keep your attention from beginning to end Linna has spun a tale that captivated me from the first page I give this book 4 collies out of 5.

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    LOVE THIS BOOK It was so different from everything else I am reading I fell in love with it from the get go

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    Ever since she was born, DraDonna has been different She is an enigma, born with copper colored hair that set her apart from the rest While her parents and the previous Ambassador considered her unique, DraDonna always thought otherwise Subjected to ridicule while growing up, she was always determined to show everyone that she was just like them Sadly, people refused to be believe in her completely.Despite the disappointments of her childhood, she did her best to fit in A world built on perfection, she s never had to question her existence The HEART has provided for all her children and DraDonna s loyalty to her beloved God has never wavered Until now, that is.A unique discovery catapults her and husband to discover the secrets surrounding their beloved world While the thought of doing so is frightening, they re determined to get to the bottom of things To do that, they must open up their minds to the possibilities of there being something else out there aside from their own world Armed with the resources left to them by the previous Ambassador, the pair s discoveries are unlike anything they ve ever known Someone has been keeping secrets from the entire community, secrets that could prove to be their undoing.This was a very intriguing read The book s pace is consistent and hooks the reader in from the moment they start reading I found it hard to put the book down once I started reading I did note several instances where the tense of the book wavered between past and present Not sure if that was intentional, but it did confuse me, at times, with the sudden switches in tenses Overall, it s a good read.

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    What I Loved I really loved the pace of this story It was easy to get into, and the story was fascinating In some ways it was super short, in other ways it was complex and long.What I Didn t Like I understand it s how this world works and all, but the pre name thing really did get tiresome after a while Especially when sometimes they would use the proper name, and other times their birth name in which the pre name was dropped Also, could use another round of edits.My Overall Rating 3 of 5 Stars Interesting readI was really excited to read H.E.A.R.T Saga The Children I think it was the lure of the perfect world and how I love utopian dystopian books I don t know if I d classify this book as either, though on the fantasy sci fi futuristic line I think Anyways, the book wasn t bad at all though it could use another run through of edits as it kept switching back and forth from the present tense to the past tense in a way that I don t think was intended at all Other than that, it was a good book Original, and engaging, I think the main problem is that I was just way too excited to read it and it just doesn t hold up to what I was expecting in my mind It happens.I d recommend this book if you like science fiction and futuristic books.Disclaimer This book was provided for me at no charge, nor was I given compensationof any kind for this review This review only reflects my personal opinion.

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    From the moment I read the first page, I couldn t put it down Linna Drehmel s writing flows easily from one subject and one character to the next She paints vivid pictures with her words and draws you into her stories with her characters You begin to care about them and their development as they move through the book The only thing I did not like about H.E.A.R.T Saga, is that it ended I bought three copies of this book so that I could loan one out and get one signed I will most certainly do the same for the next Linna Drehmel is, in my opinion, a wordsmith worth watching and I look forward to her continued crafting of this saga with awe and wonder.

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    I love sci fi, it s one of the genres that has always had my heart, though I don t get to read it as much as I would like H.E.A.R.T Saga The Children was amazing I loved the mystery, the suspense, the love, the violence that it involved DraDonna is the kind of heroine that a book needs Strong, good natured and taking adversity with grit The entire premise of the book and the sci fi elements were introduced to us slowly, but it is so worth the wait Great character development and plot Awesome villians that surprise one to the end It is left open for a sequel which I hear is coming I can t wait and am much looking forward to reading of this great story.

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    An amazing tale of otherworldly fantasy , October 24, 2012This review is from H.E.A.R.T Saga The Children Kindle Edition I really enjoyed reading Linna Drehmel s H.E.A.R.T Saga The Children I m not usually a sci fi reader, but this tale intrigued me from page one I enjoyed reading about DreDonna and DreDevon and their adventures to discover who and what the HEART is, and what their true callings in life are I very much look forward to the next adventure in the H.E.A.R.T Saga

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