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Falter (Jason and Azazel Ambrosia, #2) Azazel Relishes The Chance To Be On The Offensive For Once Chased All Her Life, Fighting One Enemy Or Another Who Intended To Kill Her, It S Nice To Be Pursuing The Bad Guys Instead Of Running From Them Of Course, Jason Doesn T Agree That They Re Bad Guys He Doesn T Think They Have The Right To Make Moral Judgments Like That Not After All The Horrible Things They Ve Done He Chooses To Stay Home And Get To Know His Son, Chance Jason Spends His Days Playing With Chance And Going To Parent Teacher Conferences Azazel Spends Hers Hunting Down And Killing People Who Sell Nephilim Blood Jason Tries To Pretend He Doesn T Long For A Life Of Action, But Deep Down, He Misses Violence He Craves It The Strain Of Domestic Life Is Getting To Jason It Won T Be Long Until He Snaps Excerpt From Barnesandnoble.com

V J Chambers writes about being inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring Her works span mundane settings and fantastic ones She writes about serial killers, cult leaders, werewolves, witches, for hire assassins, zombies, space pirates, and regular everyday people.She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat Isis.

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    Jason is adjusting to being a father and trying to live a peaceful life but he s beginning to miss the thrill of violence Azazel is exhilarated with hunting down their would be pursuers and hates that Jason doesn t approve of her impassioned cause A simple survellance mission quickly escalates into an issue that endangers the people they swore to protect Working together again comes naturally but it threatens to unveil the secrets they ve been hiding from each other This is the eighth book in the Jason and Azazel series and the second book in the Jason and Azazel Ambrosia trilogy.Falter is a paranormal story that takes place about six months after where the previous book ended I like the new direction this last trilogy in the series has taken It has the same intriguing drama that defines the series but it feels a bit grounded with additional focus on action and suspense While the paranormal elements gives it an interesting twist.The narrative is told from Jason and Azazel s alternating viewpoints The story really reinforces their mature perspective and how mu...

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    Who in their right mind would track down the monsters that tortured and killed you That would be Azazel All the while Jason is trying to get to know his estranged son Another hit from Chambers I like that Zaza is taking the lead aggressive role in this...

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    I always enjoy any book that I read by V.J Chambers, but this series is one of my favorite series by far I love the main characters and all of the situations they find themselves in Every time I start a book by Chambers I can t stop ...

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