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House at the End of the StreetNo Livro, Os Autores Lily Blake, David Loucka E Jonathan Mostow Contam A Hist Ria Da Jovem Elissa E Sua M E Que, Em Busca De Uma Nova Vida, Encontram A Casa Dos Sonhos Em Uma Pequena Cidade Do Interior Dos Estados Unidos A Cidade Tem Um Mist Rio Um Assassinato Aconteceu Bem Na Casa Ao Lado.Uma Garota Matou Os Pais De Forma Brutal E Desapareceu Hoje, Quatro Anos Depois, Apenas Ryan, O Misterioso Irm O Mais Velho, Mora Sozinho Naquela Mesma Casa, Sombria E Esquecida No Tempo Indo Contra Tudo E Contra Todos, Elissa Acaba Se Envolvendo Amorosamente Com O Estranho Rapaz O Que Ela N O Sabe O Qu O Perigoso Esse Jogo Pode Se Tornar N O Espere Ver Adolescentes Sendo Perseguidos Por For As Sobrenaturais Ou Um Desfecho Daqueles Que J Sacamos Ainda Na Metade Do Livro A Trama Criativa, Com Muitos N O Acredito Pelo Meio Do Caminho E A Sequ Ncia Final De Tirar O F Lego, Com Muita A O.Antes De Sentir O Medo Antes De Conhecer A Dor Preciso Voltar Para Onde Tudo Come Ou.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the House at the End of the Street book, this is one of the most wanted Lily Blake author readers around the world.

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    I normally don t do the horror genre films or books, gory themed ones I can cope with but the ones that mess with your head I m the first one out of the room I blame it all on my cousin who insisted on us all watching a Stephen King film when we were younger late at night Of course me being the youngest I didn t want to be known as a chicken for the rest of my life, so I forced myself to watch it, occasionally having a peek through my fingers Although I acted all brave I was a quivering mess afterwards and for weeks later always replaying the most horrifying scenes in my head over and over again So from then I d sworn off scary films especially the psychological thrillers, but as soon as I saw the trailer to House at the end of the Street I actually felt compelled into watching it But another of my pet peeves is that I always have to read the book before watching the film, otherwise I can t get back to reading the book So I decided to block my nerves and give this book a try.To be honest House at the end of the Street was a lot different to what I was expecting It did take a while for things to get moving, but half way through things did start to kick off Elissa s mum abruptly makes Elissa move in the middle of the school year, ...

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    Carrie Anne, Carrie Anne, Carrie Anne This book is all most about Carrie Anne , a character that never really appears, but is everywhere Oddly, my favourite character is the villain Why Because he is the only one that makes this story worth reading.Ryan, whom first lost his little sister and blames himself for her death, later also lost both his parents Nobody likes him, everybody avoids his company but want a piece of his cursed land And, when he finally thinks he got himself a friend, everything falls apart and his most well kept secret is reveal destroing the life he was trying so hard to mantain.Ryan serves as a good example of how we must be really careful about how we act and w...

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    This was just about the shortest book I ve read in a looooong time, which was fun I really felt that I was reading of a short story than anything else I thought I d try reading a horror novel just for kicks, and it turns out that this book was a murder mystery than anything else, with some creepy characters, which was just enough scary for me I don t like the supernatural horror stuff it s justhorrifying Anyway, this book was fun Kind of reminded me of...

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    You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.While perusing Chapters this past weekend I came across House At The End of the Street, and seeing Katniss on the cover, I was immediately sold I had never heard of the movie before but upon seeing the perfect horror movie cover and the eerie premise I knew this book was right up my alley Now, one thing that did deceive me a tad was the Now A Major Motion Picture on the cover, I figured that this was a novel that was made into a movie after publication but instead it is actually a novel based off of the screenplay of the movie It s a very quick read at only 188 pages, so it s not the most developed tale I have ever read but it plays out exactly as you would imagine the movie and kept me entertained the whole way.This is a horror mystery through and through, from the very beginning when we hear about what happened in Jacobsen home I was strapped in for the ride We have all the elements to make for a good scare, a single mother moves into a upper class neighborhood with her daughter and hears all about their deep dark secrets After Carrie Anne Jacobsen fell off the swing and suffere...

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    Hell yeah This book was pretty damn good It was extremely easy to read and it was so fast paced I read it in one sitting It reminded me of a Lifetime movie lol not a bad thing because Lifetime is my guilty pleasure It was a really simple story that will seem familiar to you if you read a lot of thriller horror books, nothing that original However, it was a fairly light, enjoyable and satisfying read It IS slow in the beginning, but the stakes get high really fast and I was on the edge of my seat towards the end The plot twist was just WOW I did not see it coming There were so many other surprises that made my jaw drop and I love how simple the writing was the whole way The characters were not too complex it s a 188 paged book kinda hard to craft characters but I still loved Elissa, she was witty, funny, kind, and relatable and I loved her development towards the end Sarah Elissa s mom was alright, nothing special I hated that her daughter called her a wasted slut and yet her mom still felt bad for being strict so SHE bought ELISSA makeup as an apology Like, what Geezus, if I called my mom that there would be no way in hell she would buy me makeup Thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for my next book review for Ner...

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    Elissa and her mother Sarah move to the suburbs of Seattle from Chicago Elissa s father left them a while ago and moving away would help them with a fresh start Within the first few days Elissa makes a new friend who invited her to a party where a series of traumatic events took place As she was walking home her creepy neighbor Ryan offers her a ride People had told her about Ryan, they say that when he was a kid he and sister Carrie Anne were playing on the swings Carrie Anne fell off and suffered from a serious brain injury Everyone says she went crazy The parents sent Ryan to live with his Aunt because it was hard enough to deal with just Carrie Anne One day she went crazy enough to murder her parents She disappeared into the forest and her body still hasn t been found People think she still lives in the forest Soon after Ryans aunt died of a heart attack and is now back living in the house at the end of the street Elissa soon falls for Ryan and while at his house she heard a scream from the basement Ryan explains to her that he s been keeping Carrie Anne in his basement all this time to protect people that Carrie Anne could hurt Elissa believed him and promised not to tell or at least until she sees nail polish remover, blue contacts and a d...

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    If you re one of those people who must read the book before seeing the movie, this is not the book to do that with I have yet to see the movie, but I think it would have been better if that was the way I learned the story The book just seemed way to short even some of the intense scenes were only a couple pages long before the story moved onto something else It fe...

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    Definitely not a good one Yup It was my first experience reading a specifically horror story, but 1 It didn t scare me, 2 It didn t even excite me, 3 I was bored I felt sorry for Ryan, good thing he did what he did to Weaver But the rest Downright Wrong Not my cup of tea.

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    Original Rating 2016 4 starsNew Rating 2018 3 stars because horror stories just aren t the same when you read them again

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