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The Terror{blist} The Terror Blist Is An Ironic And Dark Humoured Short Story That Examines The Masculinization Of Idealism And The Probable Effect Of The Contrary In A Well Of Depression, Gavin, Quits His Telemarketing Job And Joins A Group Of Radical Idealists In The Days Leading To His Act Of Terror, A Typo Has All News Stations Emasculating The Acts Of His Terror Group Thinking He Will Be Remembered Forever As Someone Less Than A Man, Gavin Ponders The Things That Men Do Real Men Wear Vests

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    The author Sean McGee , nailed it from the beginning I was hooked, I really loved the part about the liking, get involved , not just liking something , so after reading that part I went to give blood , but the nurse stuck the needle in wrong and I am not able to go back for 24 hrs.it was instances like this that Gavin was going through just trying to find his way, his niche, in this world.Just felt throughout Sean , really captures a lot of thoughts , that you and I may have had or have , as I was reading this story , I felt I could relate to Gavin , in a lot of ways , and a lot of the story I was thinking this author has reall...

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