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Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood, #1) Never Tease Anything That Wants To Eat YouMy Name Is April Tate And My Blood Is The New Gold Vampires And Hybrids Have Overrun My World, Once Vibrant With Life, But Now A Graveyard Of Death Shrouded In Shadows I Fight To Survive I Fight For My Mother And Brother The Journey Is Full Of Turns That I Am Quite Unprepared For And I M Just Hoping To Make It To The Next Vegas Sunrise In A Post Apocalyptic World, A Viral Epidemic Has Wiped Out Most Of The Earth S Population, Leaving Behind Few Humans But Untold Numbers Of Mutated Vampires April Is A Seventeen Year Old Girl Who Lives In The Remains Of Las Vegas One Year After The Outbreak She Has Become A Ferocious Vampire Killer And After Her Family Is Abducted, She Goes Searching For Them What She Finds Is A New Breed Of Vampire, Unlike Any She Has Seen Before Unsure Of Whom She Can Trust, She Discovers That Her View Of The World Is Not As Black And White As She Once Thought, And She S Willing To Bend The Rules To Rescue Her Family But In Trying To Save Them, She May Only Succeed In Bringing Her Fragile World Crashing Down Around Her


[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☁ Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood, #1)  Author Alexia Purdy – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 305 pages
  • Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood, #1)
  • Alexia Purdy
  • English
  • 06 March 2017
  • 9780615639789

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    This review has also been posted on my Happy Indulgence Blog Check it out for reviews April Tate is a survivor amongst the post apocalyptic world with a single goal that keeps her breathing to find her brother and mother A viral epidemic has sweeped the nations and turned the population into feral, mindless vampires who are solely out for feeding on humans The feral vampires are very zombie like in their demeanour, in fact throughout the first half of the novel I had a hard time differentiating them from actual zombies, except for the fact that they are repelled by sunlight.Reign of Blood is pretty much I Am Legend in the first half of the book April is a kick ass, badass lone survivor who decapitates vampires with her machete I absolutely loved the action and the tense, heart pounding action here Like the movie, the author creates a sense of building tension and horror that the zombies vampires could jump out at you at any time, and that totally resonates with me.The plot thickens as April discovers a new breed of vampire hybrids who are very human like in their behaviour and are not affected by bloodlust, like the ferals She discovers that everything she knew is not as it seems.While I did love the premise of Reign of Blood, it was the insta love later that made me grumble It s a pet peeve of mine, where there s absolutely no build up or relationship building whatsoever Luckily, it wasn t enough of a focus to detract from the story.Reign of Blood is not the most original story out there and it doesn t try and be too complicated It s pretty much a survival horror with a twist on the zombie vampire genre I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend that you read it if you love the sound of it I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much for this opportunity, I look forward to reading your other work Alexia

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    I just love a good post apocalyptic tale, one rich in enough detail that I feel like I am there, but not so dark that I can t believe I couldn t survive Starting with the perfect opening one liner, Never tease anything that wants to eat you, I was pretty much hooked as Alexia Purdy introduces us to April and her small family, survivors of a deadly virus that decimated the world while creating mindless zombie like vampires Survival is everything and clearly, April and her family have something extra that gave them immunity When her mother and brother are taken, April finds herself alone and determined to find them, taking revenge on every blood sucking monster around What she discovers is nothing short of incredible, but can she trust her new allies to help her Get ready for Vegas as you never thought it could be in Alexia Purdy s REIGN OF BLOOD where the most precious commodity could be one teen s blood and she s in no hurry to share One teen, forced to mature far beyond her years, and vampires that will change everything you thought you about them Series The Vampires of Vegas Book 1Publisher Lyrical Lit Publishing 2 edition April 25, 2012 Publication Date April 25, 2012Genre Post Apocalyptic FantasyPrint Length 319 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow

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    I finished this in one day and it is sooo good.I HAVE NEVER ENJOYED A BOOK THAT HAS VAMPIRES IN IT THIS MUCH I usually hate reading vampire books but this one is soo different than others vampire books THIS IS A MUST READ. 1000 100

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    I was honored to receive an ARC for review from the Author The cover of Reign of Blood drew my eye, the first sentence Never tease anything that wants to eat you snagged my attention, and the book itself kept me glued to my kindle clicking pages, on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next There is just something about a strong young female lead character that never fails to interest me than a weak, helpless one April definitely fits into the strong female character role She has to survive, she has to find her missing family no matter what it takes even if it takes fighting zombie like vampires alone, blasting vampire ridden Vegas hotels to the ground, or allying herself with an unknown group of vampire hybrids Being a teenager has never been easy, being a teenager in a post apocalyptic viral infected world is down right dangerous, but April Tate is one heroine up to the challenge I am hoping, no PRAYING there will be many amazingly written books involving one of my new favorite teen protagonists Reign of Blood is a fast paced, in your face, heart thumping MUST read Peggy

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.2.5 StarsThis book was kind of so so for me I can t say I didn t like it because I did but it didn t elicit strong feelings from me either I think the biggest reason I didn t love it was that I had a really hard time connecting with the main character The Good The opening line Never tease anything that wants to eat you How amazing is that The concept was great I loved that it was a dystopian vampire mix because you don t get that very often The feral vampires I really liked that they were portrayed as zombie like ie as mindless eating machines because, again, that is not very common The description The author is very detailed and paints a vivid mental picture of the apocalyptic Las Vegas The Not So Good Introduction of the not so mindless vampires..then it becomes of your typical young adult novel with good ish vampires vs evil ish vampires The repetition of certain phrases If I had heard Blood and Ichor ONE time I may have screamed.Overall, it was a decent read and I recommend you give it a try for yourself It has gotten some rave reviews so don t let one opinion stop you.

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    How lucky can one girl be to get an ARC copy of Alexia Purdy s book Whenever I get word that Ms Purdy is releasing another book, my heart starts beating fast because I know I m going on a pleasure cruise when her book is released I have never seen an author put so much detailed description in a book where you can see all the characters and have your own vision of what that character looks like She never fails me nor does she ever cease to amaze me I am worse than a little kid in a candy store because there are never enough different flavors to satisfy my cravings when it comes to Ms Purdy s work I just have to have April had survived the virus and was on a mission for supplies any time she could get out and be out in the sun to avoid the vampires Her mother Helen and her brother, Jeremy were missing after an outing they had planned Where did they go Is she going to be able to find them before the vampires find her How was she going to survive Another masterpiece from Ms Purdy.

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    This was a nice read It was an apocalypse type world and it sets the story up nice I liked the idea that there were different types of Vampires I also liked that April isn t a vampire not yet but her blood holds a secret I liked the fact that she went sort of supernova when her family went missing and that she eventually got them back I would love to rad of this story.

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Alexia Purdy is AWESOME She wrote an incredible 5 STAR book I loved the characters, the setting, the action, the romance, the TWISTS Wow, this book just has so much everything I always wanted to check out Alexia Purdy s work, and let s just say I am totally glad I did I will most definitely check out her other books they are all going to be on my TBR to be read list So, if you enjoy reading post apocalyptic books, Reign of Blood is for you It s different than most though, because the world wasn t taking over by zombies but by feral vampires Yup, I said FERAL vampires not the Twilight kind of vampires.A virus wiped out the whole world s human population A year later, the only known humans were April Tate, her younger brother Jeremy, and her mother Helen Together, they survive the ruins of Las Vegas, Nevada They venture out in the day to gather supplies and such because the vampires cannot be in sunlight they disintegrate into ash It still is very risky though because the ferals can hide in the shadows of the buildings, which has caused April to fight back and kill them she is a kick vampire hunter April and her family are usually semi safe once they make it back to their bunker in the mountains before nightfall Now nothing but silence and blood reigned once the sun went down Kindle 70% Everything changed for April when one day her mother and brother disappeared from broad daylight Nothing made sense or added up as to how they could have disappeared April spent her days searching everywhere for her family, desperate to find the only two souls that matter to her Soon, April finds out that there are beings in the city besides the ferals and her family There are hybrid vampires These hybrids speak, feed off other vampire s blood instead of humans, and have reasoning skills besides the bloodsucking and certain vampiric physical characteristics they can almost be mistaken for humans Every time April thinks she knows what is going on and gets a hang of things, another twist is thrown at her She realizes that not all the hybrids are bad some are even willing to help her, like Miranda and Rye others not so much After not having any social contact with anyone for so long, conversation with anyone can be tempting especially when said company has information about April and her family But can April trust the hybrids Can she so much as become friends with some of them Or are they just as bad as the ferals, if not worse Find out these answers and SO MUCH MORE in Alexia Purdy s Reign of Blood now Wow This was an exciting read I love April she is such a kick heroine I hope I could be as strong and bad as her if I were ever a survivor of a vampire apocalypse or any apocalypse for that matter I just loved everything about her I don t have any complaints for the Reign of Blood protagonist I liked the supporting cast as well Rye was a favorite of mine I hope there is a sequel to this book so that I could read about him I also wanted to know about what really happened with April s family I was expecting a little about her family at the end of the book, but if there is a sequel I am sure I will read about them there I loved the ending though because it left me satisfied but also aching for , which is my favorite type of ending to a book I love this book and I can t wait for Go check out Reign of Blood by Alexia Purdy now Brianna Lee Book Reviewshttp www.briannaleereviews.blogspot

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    Hi y all Anne here to give my review for Reign Of Blood by Alexia Purdy and I only hope that my review is thrill inducing and shocking as this book was for me Push back Resident Evil and I Am Legend because Alexia is bringing her Wildlings and Hybrids to the party and you might wanna stay in the sun for this show April Tate, her mother and 6 year old brother are the only humans left in what is now the desolate city of Las Vegas Traveling fro their mountain hide out is becoming and dangerous as the Wildlings that inhabit the shadows are going mad with hunger Trying to gather supplies and keep her eye on the shadows is becoming natural for April, she chooses to forage the most dangerous places to keep her family out of harms way Sometimes it s not the things you can see that are dangerous and deadly but the things you don t see April is a self created warrior, strong and deadly her vengeance is strong and desperate She will go to any lengths to get back what was taken from her Hybrids are watching and waiting for the perfect time to show April that there is to the epidemic that blood crazy beasts she is hunting down But how can you trust what has destroyed your life and home April must learn and accept what is to come or suffer the loss This book was amazing, I was sneaking a peak at the first few pages and ended up not stopping until I had read it all I was sucked into a world where shadows have eyes and watch you waiting for the chance to snatch you in and rip your throat out Alexia has done brilliantly with they character builds. Even down to the Wildlings, I could see their gaunt faces, eyes hungry for one wrong move and their teeth gnashing as April walks along in the sun light just beyond their reach Hybrids come next given they play a huge role in this book and they aid April in her search and her choices she must make They re beautiful, strong, fast and deadly but April won t be taken lightly she will earn her place and do what she must, even if it means trusting the very things that have up turned her entire life I love this book The plot was brilliant, characters were brilliant, back drop is brilliant, and last but not least the author is brilliant with so many zombie apocalypses going around I am thrilled to have a Vampire apocalypse that trumps the zombies I got chills reading the scene descriptions, gasped in the plot twists, wanted to throw things when it was suspenseful and loved every freaking minute 5 out of 5 stars for Alexia Purdy and Reign Of Blood..

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    Originally posted at A Little Bit of RR Reviews The story starts off with the aftermath of a viral epidemic A virus has taken hold of the population, turning them into vampires These aren t the glamorized kind of vampires, they are mindless blood sucking fiends They almost remind me of zombies except they need blood to survive, and they have a kind of hypnotic trance that can trick most humans April is somehow immune to their tricks and is trying to survive with her mother and brother.The first few chapters follow their journey They live in a bunker in the mountains but venture towards the city for food and weapons On one of their outings, April s family disappears with only one clue tire treads April searches Las Vegas for days with no trace of her family On her journey, she attacks hives of the feral vampires in hopes of finding them What she doesn t expect is to come across a hybrid vampire who is able to speak and walk in the sun.April is introduced to the hive of hybrid vampires She believes that they may be able to help her find her family, but not without a cost Then there is Rye, one of the hybrid leaders, that is fascinated with April I won t go into details on that one you have to experience that for yourself.Will April get the help she needs from the hybrids to find her family Or will she die tryingMy thoughtsThis book rocked my world I have just recently started reading post apocalyptic novels and this one tops the cake The imagery is excellent and it felt like I was really there I have never been to Las Vegas, but I feel like I know the places pretty well from Alexia s description feel like a lot of YA books nowadays have girls that are just plain annoying or whiny This was not the case with this book April is such a BAD ASS and I love her She is a kick butt, self taught warrior and I enjoyed reading about her journey The story has a touch of romance and it s perfect given the circumstances April was hesitant about her feelings for Rye, rightfully so, considering he s a hybrid I m kind of glad that this story didn t end with a huge cliff hanger because I probably would have cussed Alexia out LOL I cannot wait for the next book in the installment I hope it will be just as action packed as the first Of course, I would like to have April and Rye time

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